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Sony NSR-1200/4T 64-channel network video recorder with 4 TB storage

Sony NSR-1200/4T 64-channel network video recorder with 4 TB storage

This product has been discontinued. Its replacement is the Sony NSR-500.

Overview of Sony NSR-1200/4T

The Sony NSR-1200/4T is a high capacity network video recorder that has a capacity of 4 TB. This network surveillance server is an ideal solution for multi-camera monitoring, capable of playback and recording from up to 64 cameras at any one time. You can view and monitor a high-quality video stream via the HDMI interface with full HD (up to 1920x1080) displays, allowing you to view megapixel images without compromising quality. At VGA resolution, the unit can display six full-size images at any one time. The NSR-1200/4T has two analogue RGB and two HDMI monitor output connectors on the rear panel. You can use two out of the four outputs simultaneously in any combination to meet your system requirements.

When connected with a specified range of Sony cameras (contact us for details), the NSR-1200/4T can accept both Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video from cameras simultaneously. With a limited storage capacity, for example, you can monitor live video via Motion JPEG at frame rates as high as 30 fps, and record video via MPEG-4 at frame rates as low as 5 fps, saving on storage without compromising image quality. The unit also incorporate Sony's DEPA technology. Used in conjunction with DEPA-enabled network cameras from Sony, this intelligent video analytics system helps identify critical events more easily, and provides a streamlined workflow for your video security operations. You can search, preview, and playback recorded video with Sony's intuitive user interface.

As well as this, up to 16 analogue cameras can be directly connected to the NSR-1200/4T. You can add IP security cameras, including megapixel cameras, while maintaining your analogue cameras, easing the transition to a full IP CCTV infrastructure. The NSR-1200/4T can also be used with other major brand network cameras (contact us for details).

The integrated set-up wizard simplifies installation with Sony's IP cameras. The NSR-1200/4T detects the cameras instantly, significantly reducing the time required for installation. Images from cameras are assigned to the monitor layout automatically, allowing you to start monitoring instantly. As well as this, the NSR-1200/4T can be used with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipment via the RS-232C port, ensuring operation continues in the event of power failure.

Key features & benefits of Sony NSR-1200/4T

  • Capable of playback and recording from up to 64 connected cameras
  • The unit can process multiple video streams at the same time, saving a lower quality recording while you view a high-definition live image, reducing demands on available storage
  • Sony's DEPA technology analyses the cameras' fields of view for any unusual activity
  • HDMI output can be connected to any HD-compliant monitor, making it a flexible option for integration into existing infrastructure
  • Intuitive user interface simplifies use and reduces time required for training
  • Quick setup wizard aids users and installers, simplifying deployment
  • Unit can be used with a UPS to ensure operation continues uninterrupted in the event of a power failure
  • Existing analogue cameras can be connected to the unit, simplifying any transitional period to a full IP-based system

Typical applications of Sony NSR-1200/4T

The NSR-1200/4T is ideal for installation in locations that require a security presence over a large area, such as government depots or airport terminals

Accessories for Sony NSR-1200/4T


Key technical features for Sony NSR-1200/4T

Maximum no. of cameras:64 (IP/analogue total) (max. 16 analogue with optional NSBK-A16 or NSBK-A16H)
HDD type:4 TB (1 TB x4) (RAID 5, 1+0, 0) (supports NSRE-S200/4T, iSCSI storage)
Compression:H.264, MPEG-4, Motion JPEG (analogue cameras H.264, MPEG-4 only)
Frame-rate:1200 fps (40 cameras x 30 fps) (at MPEG-4, VGA, 1 Mbps)
Power:AC 240 V
Network:1000BASE-T (RJ-45) (x4) (port 1: network connection; port 2: connecting clients; port 3/4: iSCSI storage)
Monitor:out 1: HDMI (type A) x1 and D-sub 15-pin x2 (front and rear); out 2: HDMI (type A) x1 or D-sub 15-pin x1 (rear) (more than one connector cannot be used at a time)
Mouse:USB 2.0 x3 (front), USB 2.0 x3 (rear)
Alarm I/O:8x terminal inputs, 8x terminal outputs
Audio:phono jack l/r x1 stereo pair
Optical drive:DVD/CD drive x1
Analogue:serial interface, RS-232C: D-sub 9-pin x1, RS-422/RS485 x1 (VISCA and Pelco-D supported)
Other:serial interface for UPS, RS-232C: D-sub 9-pin x1
Dimensions:430 mm (16.93") x 87 mm (3.43") x 417 mm (16.42) (excluding protrusions)
Weight:13.5 kg (29 lb. 12 oz)
Warranty:one year
Operating temperatures:5°C - 40°C (41°F - 104°F); 20 - 80% humidity
Power consumption:265 W typical (max. 350 W)

Images for Sony NSR-1200/4T

Sony NSR-1200/4T Sony NSR-1200/4T Sony NSR-1200/4T Sony NSR-1200/4T
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