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The Power of One: a unified Axis video management solution

24th June, 2022 by Vicky Loftus

Building a camera system can be a complicated, time-consuming, and costly undertaking, from the initial design and sourcing of components to the management and maintenance of the completed system, every step must be handled with care and expertise to ensure that the system is secure and not prone to critical errors. Here is where Axis’ “Power of One” solution comes in, providing “A complete security system tailored and validated to your specific needs” from a single vendor, eliminating complications and errors that may occur when dealing with multiple companies or software providers. This blog post looks at how Axis’ end-to-end solutions make it easier every step of the way and how your business can benefit.


Milestone XProtect update: version 2022 R2 released

22nd June, 2022 by Kevin Bowyer

XProtect Incident Manager in XProtect 2022 R2In June 2022 Milestone Systems have released a further update to their XProtect product range. All XProtect customers with valid CarePlus can now update to the very latest version.

Here, we break down some of the most interesting and useful new features, the most important being Incident Manager, a new tool for operators to fully and accurately document incidents as they happen.


Milestone XProtect update: version 2022 R1 released

23rd March, 2022 by Kevin Bowyer

XProtect depicted on a screenIn March 2022 Milestone released XProtect update version 2022 R1, the first release for 2022. We can expect two more in 2022. Rather than listing each new feature we break down each new feature’s usefulness in a, hopefully, meaningful and understandable way.

XProtect 2022 R1 brings some important new capabilities to the ever-improving Milestone platform. The greatest of these is the oft-requested management server failover.


Rules for domestic CCTV users

16th March, 2022 by Frank Crouwel

Home CCTV cameraThe rise in the use of CCTV cameras on domestic properties in recent years has led to some court cases with people complaining about their neighbours’ CCTV cameras or the increasingly common video doorbell. One example is the case of a man who installed a video doorbell to watch his car driveway but was brought in front of Oxford County Court by his neighbour, who felt she was under his constant surveillance. A large claim for damages was made as the judge ruled data protection laws had been breached.


Axis Object Analytics – how good is it?

9th March, 2022 by Kevin Bowyer

Axis P1455-LE with Axis Object AnalyticsIn our long quest to reduce false alarms in IP security camera detections we’ve tried and tested a large range of detection methods over the years, from physical PIRs to the most advanced AI-based intelligent video analytics (IVA) on the market today.

Early 2021 Axis Object Analytics (AOA) became available in some Axis mainstream camera models. Now, after about a year of using, testing, and deploying AOA-based detection, we can say with confidence that AOA works, and works well for the purposes of minimising false alarms. We have seen such consistent performance that we are confident specifying AOA-capable cameras in most scenarios where alarms are to be raised reliably and persons notified.

The main camera model we have used for AOA thus far is the Axis P1455-LE outdoor bullet IP camera.


NW Brand Refresh for 2022

16th February, 2022 by Kevin Bowyer

We’ve written this blog post to make all our customers and regular users aware that we are currently rolling out a branding refresh. Those visiting our websites and interacting with our organisation and staff will note a change in our company logo, and some associated branding, being introduced on our various documents and emails as well as on our websites and other digital assets.

Axis’ latest ARTPEC-8 chipset brings enhanced analytics to the edge

2nd February, 2022 by Vicky Loftus

ARTPEC-8 chipset and Q1656 and Q35 camerasBuilding on the power of its ARTPEC-7 predecessor; ARTPEC-8 is  the latest System on Chip (SoC) from Axis and promises to provide improved performance across the board – including next-level deep learning analytics on the edge. Improvements that were delivered by the previous chipset – such as tighter security features, advanced imaging and powerful compression are all enhanced in the new ARTPEC-8 chip.

The new chipset has been debuted within the new Axis Q1656/-LE range and is expected to be seen onboard the Q3536-LVE/38-LVE domes as well as most professional level Axis cameras going forward. Specifically designed by Axis to meet the processing power required for high-performance commercial surveillance, the chip also includes a built-in deep learning processing unit (DPLU) which allows highly granular object classification and improved accuracy in detection – directly on board the camera. In this blog we will be discussing the main benefits of the ARTPEC-8 chip – showcasing exactly what this powerful chip can do.


Which Husky IVO server is the right recording solution for you?

2nd November, 2021 by Vicky Loftus

Image showing the full range of Husky IVO from Milestone
Milestone’s new Husky IVO recording server range has just been released; these innovative servers offer scalable and versatile recording solutions that are suitable for a range of applications – from small independent to large corporate CCTV systems. The series consists of six video recording servers, all of which come with a 5-year NBD manufacturer warranty (including HDDs) as standard – offering you ongoing peace of mind and protection of your investment.

Optimised for use with any Milestone XProtect VMS product and designed with flexibility at the forefront; the high-performance range offers throughputs of 150Mbit/s through to 1800 Mbit/s, support from 20 up to 250 camera channels per server, as well as storage options that span from 2TB to 384TB and a variety of redundancy options – so it’s safe to say there will be a server within the range that can meet your requirements. Read more >>

Axis’ innovative Q6315-LE harnesses the power of the ARTPEC-7 chipset

3rd September, 2021 by Vicky Loftus

Axis’ state-of-the-art ARTPEC-7 chipset continues to deliver industry-leading performance two years after its introduction. Unique to Axis, this is one of the only chips developed specifically for use in IP cameras.Axis Q6315-LE camera and ARTPEC-7 chipset

Thanks to the inclusion of the ARTPEC-7 chipset within Axis’ advanced model releases; we see IP cameras with increased levels of processing power and high-performance features that are able to work together simultaneously to provide a powerful surveillance solution. One of the cameras that takes advantage of this ground-breaking chipset is the new Axis Q6315-LE (01924-003) – the first model from Axis’ Q63 Series that we have seen so far.


Hikvision discontinued

21st July, 2021 by Frank Crouwel

In the light of a growing number of reports in recent times of Hikvision being implicated in human rights violations in China, we have taken the decision to remove Hikvision products from our product offering. The reported concerns conflict with our ethical values and responsibilities.