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Milestone Systems

Established in 1998 in Denmark, Milestone has been a pioneer in video management software for network-based camera systems since the early days of IP convergence. The open platform Milestone XProtect video management system has been an ongoing global success with over 500,000 customers today.

Image showing Milestone XProtect Smart Wall in operation

Buy Milestone XProtect from the UK’s leading specialist

Network Webcams (NW Security Group) are a Milestone Premier Partner

We are leading specialists in Milestone video management solutions, providing professional advice and support to customers for systems large or small, simple or complex.

With over 1,000 Milestone XProtect systems delivered, we have built up a wealth of Milestone expertise that enables us to advise on the right Milestone product for your business and assist with technical support, including design, installations, migrations, troubleshooting, maintenance, updates and upgrades. With Milestone XProtect you buy a CCTV management platform for the future that will never need replacing.

As the leading provider of open-platform video management systems, Milestone offers a portfolio of software, hardware, cloud and video analytics technologies that will enable you to improve security and optimise your business performance. We have been a Milestone Premier Partner since 2005, offering expertise across the whole Milestone product portfolio.

Why Buy Milestone?


  • Milestone XProtect is an open platform system with the industry’s widest support for 13,000+ devices from over 100 different manufacturers, including IP cameras, IP speakers, sensors, IoT devices, and access control
  • Milestone Care provides you with ongoing XProtect software updates, ensuring you will continue to benefit from a modern, leading-edge video management system long into the future
  • Fully flexible and scalable, your Milestone XProtect system can be adapted and expanded as your business needs change over time


  • Milestone XProtect comes inclusive of three viewing clients to suit different needs, the full-featured, powerful Milestone Smart Client for on-site use, the Milestone Web Client ideal for remote users via the Internet, and the Milestone Mobile Client for secure access on the go via mobile phone or tablets
  • Intuitive interfaces that will provide you with full control of your camera system, and enables quick responses to unwanted security and safety situations
  • Quick search functions, including support for video analytics-based search, to find and retrieve the required CCTV footage in little time


  • Milestone XProtect has proven since the early 2000s to be an extremely reliable piece of software that rarely causes any downtime or data loss. We can vouch for this from two decades of hands-on experience and over a 1,000 XProtect systems delivered
  • Secure by design, the Milestone XProtect video management software provides the highest cybersecurity protection against external and internal threats, with software security updates provided frequently via Milestone Care Plus to defend against the latest threats
  • Professional support for all Milestone XProtect software products is available to you via Milestone Premium Partners, such as NW, backed up by Milestone Care support, to give you peace of mind that expert assistance is at hand when needed

Prevent, Protect and Prove

With Milestone XProtect video management software

Milestone Systems and XProtect introduction video
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