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Cloud Solutions

We provide cloud-based video management systems and storage solutions that enable businesses to take full advantage of the flexibility and scalability that cloud or hybrid CCTV systems offer. Drive down costs, avoid large capital outlays and transform your business with video intelligence at your fingertips. As a leading specialist in IP video technologies, we are authorised service providers for the various cloud and communication platforms that we sell. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a fully managed service, ensuring maximum system reliability and minimal burden on your IT staff.

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Cloud VMS stands for 'cloud-based video management system'. Traditionally, video management software is run on computers, servers or network video recorders (NVRs) that are located on site, also called 'on-premise'. With a Cloud VMS, the video management software application is run in the cloud, which means it is run on computers and servers in data centres and is accessible via normal web browsers or smart phone apps.

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