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Video Management

We offer a range of Video Management Software (VMS) and Network Video Recorders (NVR) that will provide a fit for any need. Due to its flexibility, the industry-leading, open platform Milestone XProtect software is the product of choice for many of our customers, whilst end-to-end solutions offered by the camera manufacturers themselves are favoured by customers who prefer a one brand solution.

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Choosing the right video management system is key, as it is this part of a CCTV system that will provide the user interface and determines which features will be available in the system. This requires some in-depth knowledge and experience.

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Additional services we offer include video management system implementation for commercial and public sector organisations, as well as ongoing maintenance and support under SLA.

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Milestone XProtect Express+ affordable software for new installations
Milestone Husky server series ideal for XProtect Professional+, Expert or Corporate
Axis Camera Station Core software to create a unified Axis security monitoring system


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