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For many years, Milestone software has included a feature called Camera Navigator, which allowed operators to more easily move between camera views by clicking icons placed on each camera. These indicated the next camera in a particular direction. In our experience, this feature was rarely used by operators and so this feature has been 'deprecated' or removed by Milestone from the XProtect product line.

In comes Milestone Suspect Tracking.

It is commonplace in VMS systems which are actively maintained and monitored for operators to need to track the movement of vehicles, people or objects across a site and apart from Camera Navigator, this has not always been straightforward without careful and logical implementation of Milestone Smart Client layouts, pre-defined camera positioning and extensive site knowledge, meaning that new operators (and operator churn is high) cannot quickly track a suspect between cameras as they move around a site, so the larger the site, and the more cameras it has, the harder it is for operators to track suspects.

Milestone Suspect Tracking introduces a far more operator-friendly way to track objects of interest between cameras or to simply move around the camera estate in a logical manner, such as when an operator conducts a virtual patrol.

Coming as a plugin for all paid variants of XProtect and supported by versions 2022 R3 and above, Milestone Suspect Tracking is installed both in the management client and in the smart clients of the operators. The system administrator with access via the Management Client creates 'hot zones' - polygonal shapes depicting the view of the next camera along in the view - on each relevant camera. These hot zones then become viewable and clickable in the operator's Smart Client and can be used as a simple means to move between cameras, follow suspects around the campus or just simply navigate around the site. This is a huge improvement for operators and will improve response times to intrusions and investigations.

Use cases can include any view where objects are moving between cameras, such as airports, zoos, ports and other transport hubs, logistics hubs (conveyor belts), schools, universities and much more.

Milestone Suspect Tracking is available soon. If you wish to see a 30-day demo or try it in your Milestone system, please contact us and we will help you install and set up this useful new tool.

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