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The differences between the Milestone XProtect VMS product variants may not always be clear to everyone. To help you choose we have created this Milestone XProtect comparison table showing the key differences between the four XProtect VMS products.

Key Feature Differences between Milestone XProtect versions XProtect Express+ logo XProtect Professional+ logo XProtect Expert logo XProtect Corporate logo
Number of cameras supported Up to 48 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
All core XProtect features including Smart Client, Web Client and Mobile Client
Hardware accelerated video decoding for Video Motion Detection
Multi-site and multi-server
Edge Storage support with flexible retrieval
Move hardware between recording servers
Manual bookmarking
Rule-based bookmarking
Hardware accelerated video decoding for Video Motion Detection (using NVIDIA GPU)
Hot and cold failover recording servers
Multi-stage archiving and data pruning
Video database encryption and digital signing for evidence control
Smart Map functionality
XProtect Management Server Failover supported
Additional license required

Additional license required
Federated Architecture
Remote site only

Central site or remote site
Smart Wall and Incident Manager included
Milestone Interconnect
Remote site

Remote site

Remote site

Central/remote site
Milestone XProtect Kite (VSaaS) integration
License structure Buy Base License
Buy Camera License
Buy Base License
Buy Camera License
Buy Base License
Buy Camera License
Buy Base License
Buy Camera License

Milestone Care Plus is purchasable with each product variant, giving you access to software updates, and should be purchased by organisations who wish to ensure that their XProtect deployment will remain modern and compliant with cybersecurity frameworks such as Cyber Essentials Plus.


Organisations looking for help with deploying, updating, maintaining, migrating or troubleshooting their Milestone XProtect system can contact us for expert assistance.



Yes. Milestone XProtect is a video management system (also known as a VMS) which can be used for any scenario where the recording and retention of camera footage is required. Common use cases are CCTV (camera-based security), education (recording of lectures, seminars etc), traffic monitoring (LPR, speed monitoring, opening of gates and barriers), and manufacturing (production line monitoring, visual monitoring of machines), but it can be applied to many other industries and use cases.


Milestone offers XProtect Essential+ free of charge, but it is significantly limited in its functionality. Therefore, we do not believe that it is a suitable product for businesses and we do not offer it. We sell and support only the paid-for product variants and suggest to those thinking about implementing a professional video management system (VMS) to choose XProtect Express+ as the variant to evaluate the software.


Yes. XProtect Smart Wall is not included with XProtect Expert, but you need to buy a Smart Wall license for it.


All Milestone XProtect variants are essentially the same software. However, access to features and functions is controlled by the license file received when a variant is purchased. To upgrade from, say, XProtect Express+ to XProtect Professional+ we send a new license file to you and you upload this to the management server. This then releases the additional functionality of the upgraded variant. Read more on how to license Milestone XProtect.


Milestone XProtect is sold as a base license and a camera or device licence. Costs are found on our XProtect Licenses product category.


Milestone Husky is a suite of hardware servers based on the Dell PowerEdge series, but which have been specifically optimised for Milestone XProtect workloads. Implementing a Husky server will ensure that the performance of your system is correctly met and will also allow for expansion over time. Husky servers come with a 5-year next business day warranty which includes hard drives.

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