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Milestone XProtect Expert video surveillance software - base licence

£2,190.00 inc VAT
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The ideal video management software for mid-sized and large-scale installations such as zoos, warehouses and stadiums, Milestone XProtect Expert is a powerful live monitoring and recording solution with failover capabilities.

  • Base licence for Milestone XProtect Expert
  • Unrestricted number of device and server channels
  • One camera licence required for each device
  • Open platform design supports over 13,000 device types
  • Unlimited number of concurrent users
  • Three advanced viewing clients: XProtect Smart Client, Web Client and Mobile Client
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Overview of the Milestone XProtect Expert Base Licence

Milestone XProtect delivers world-leading video management software suitable for all applications, from small-scale all the way up to city-sized installations. An array of advanced monitoring and security features make Milestone XProtect a highly reliable and flexible solution for viewing live video, investigating recorded footage, and managing IP devices and servers across multiple installation sites.

The Expert variant is a high availability system designed for mid-sized to large-scale installations which acts as a central point of administration for all system components and settings across networks, with support for an unlimited number of devices and recording servers, with access to hot and cold failover recording servers.

Both new and existing installations can take advantage of Milestone XProtect’s open-platform architecture, allowing compatibility with over 13,000 different devices from all professional IP device manufacturers, meaning businesses can expand with limited restrictions. Furthermore, with allowance for an unrestricted number of users accessing the system at once, larger organisations with several servers across numerous sites can ensure bases are covered from all angles. For viewing, recording and exporting footage, the three feature-rich viewing interfaces make this straightforward for all level of user, including remote access from mobile or tablet. In addition to the abundance of features already included with Milestone XProtect Expert, an expanding number of extensions can be integrated to further increase scalability, supplying the tools your business needs to continually meet demands as they evolve over time.

Video Management

From mid-sized applications such as warehouses up to large-scale operations including stadiums, Milestone XProtect Expert provides flexibility and scalability when it comes to delivering an effective and advanced video management solution, capable of being tailored to meet bespoke business requirements. Connect an unlimited number of IP devices such as cameras, servers, audio devices and more thanks to the software’s licencing plan, by simply adding a camera licence per device to make unrestricted network expansion straightforward. Support for Edge storage and Failover servers ensures recording redundancy and improves availability, delivering uninterrupted access to video during routine maintenance and system failures. Thanks to hardware-accelerated video decoding (NVIDIA) for motion detection, system performance is optimised whilst reducing the total running costs by decreasing the overall load on the recording server CPU.

The system provides a real-time overview of all feeds and installations spanning across multiple sites, for a single point of administration and centralised management. The Expert variant can be licensed to include XProtect Smart Wall, a customisable video wall solution displaying the most relevant and critical footage on up to 100 display windows with an unlimited number of simultaneous streams across users, for an enhanced overview of the entire network all from a single access point allowing operators to implement actions from multiple users.

Please note: This licence is for the installation of the XProtect Expert full system. To add camera licences you will need to purchase an additional Milestone XProtect Expert camera licence for each device.

Viewing Clients

XProtect Expert supports advanced system monitoring features, including a customisable dashboard for specific monitoring relating to certain tasks, as well as event trigger thresholds allowing users flexibility to manage different responses to normal, warning and critical level events. Rely on real-time and historical camera and server statuses, helping maintain the health of the network.

Accessing and recording video footage is easy through the three viewing interfaces:

  • The powerful Smart Client viewing software is an industry leading all-in-one monitoring tool, providing complete access, control and monitoring of any sized system through a desktop PC or workstation.
  • Occasional and remote users can access live and recorded footage from a modern web browser without the need for additional software with the Milestone Web Client.
  • For users on the go, the Mobile Client allows them to act on incidents from anywhere by enabling remote access from smartphones or tablets (iOS and Android).


A multitude of built-in cybersecurity configurations come as standard with Milestone XProtect, maintaining the integrity of personal and sensitive data, giving you peace of mind that the data is protected from internal and external threats. Tools such as HTTPS and high-level certificate-based encryption ensures secure communication of video, audio and metadata, whilst digital signing and re-export prevention means any exported material is fully authentic and free from tampering. Dual authentication grants access to selected users only with the input of additional (manager/supervisor) credentials, whilst support for Microsoft Active Directory (groups and users) and Single Sign-on (SSO) means pre-existing roles and groups can be given access to cameras, with full traceability of user actions via audit logs.

Milestone Care Plus

With cyber-security becoming an ever-growing concern, ensure your Milestone XProtect is one step ahead of cyber-attacks and always performing to its best with Care Plus. This add-on software maintenance service enables you to install recurring updates with the latest patches, meaning you get the most out of your VMS, and a future-proofed, optimised system. Additionally, if you decide to upgrade to a more advanced XProtect platform such as Expert or Corporate, you receive a full refund on your initial investment.


Milestone XProtect can run on correctly specified Windows PCs and Servers. For a ready solution which is fully optimised for the high performance of Milestone XProtect choose Milestone Husky IVO Recording Servers, designed for use with any of the Milestone XProtect Video Management Software products.


  • Simple and intuitive multi-layered maps provide a full overview of the camera system.
  • Full alarm management capabilities through XProtect Alarm Manager provides a clear and consolidated overview of security and system-related alarms.
  • The flexible rules engine makes it possible to perform a variety of user-implemented security functions automatically, removing the need for manual intervention.
  • XProtect add-on products and third-party software integration enhances system functionality.
  • Device configurations can be set to change automatically if a specific event is triggered.
  • PTZ preset capabilities for automatic monitoring adjustments. Includes a return-to-home position rule.
  • ‘Smart Search’ tool offers advanced searching capabilities using metadata recorded during video motion detection.
  • Intelligent video analytics trigger recordings and alert operators of incidents via push notifications (CarePlus required for push notifications).
  • Edge storage offers recording redundancy during periods of network loss.
  • Bookmark sequences of special interests to make investigation more efficient.
  • Hardware-accelerated video motion detection optimises system performance whilst reducing the load on the CPU.

To better understand the differences between each XProtect product variant, see our XProtect Comparison.

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Minimum system requirements for Milestone XProtect Expert

Computer running recording and management server:
Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® 10 Pro (64 bit)
Microsoft® Windows® 10 Enterprise (64 bit)
Microsoft® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB (Long-Term Servicing Branch)2016 (version 1607 or later)
Microsoft® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise, version 1803 or later (64 bit), IoT Core
Microsoft® Windows® 11 Pro (64 bit)
Microsoft® Windows® 11 Enterprise (64 bit)
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2016 (64 bit): Essentials, Standard and Datacenter
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2019 (64 bit): Essentials, Standard and Datacenter
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2022 (64 bit): Essentials, Standard and Datacenter
To run clustering, you need a Microsoft® Windows® Server 2016 Standard or Datacenter edition, Microsoft® Windows® Server 2019 Standard or Datacenter edition or a Microsoft® Windows® Server 2022 Standard or Datacenter edition
File system: For the Recording Storage Location, NTFS file system is recommended
SQL Versions: Microsoft SQL Server® 2014
Microsoft SQL Server® 2016
Microsoft SQL Server® 2017
Microsoft SQL Server® 2019
Microsoft SQL Server® 2022
Software: Microsoft® .NET 4.7.2 Framework
Microsoft® .NET 6 Runtime
DirectX 11 or newer
Hardware acceleration: Hardware acceleration with Intel® Quick Sync requires an Intel® CPU from 6th generation, supporting Intel Quick Sync and Intel® GPU enabled in BIOS.
Using Intel® Quick Sync on Intel® CPU 12th generation, requires at least driver version from Intel.
Decoding with NVIDIA graphics card is supported with GPU capability version 6.x (Pascal) or newer.
Computer running XProtect Smart Client and XProtect Smart Wall:
Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® 10 Pro
Microsoft® Windows® 10 Enterprise
Microsoft® Windows® 10 Enterprise LTSB (Long-Term Servicing Branch)2016 (version 1607 or later)
Microsoft® Windows® 10 Enterprise, version 1803 or later (64 bit), IoT Core
Microsoft® Windows® 11 Pro
Microsoft® Windows® 11 Enterprise
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2016: Standard and Datacenter
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2019: Standard and Datacenter
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2022: Standard and Datacenter
Software: Microsoft® .Net 4.7.2 Framework
DirectX 11.0 or newer
Hardware acceleration: Hardware acceleration with Intel® Quick Sync requires an Intel® CPU from 6th generation, supporting Intel Quick Sync and Intel® GPU enabled in BIOS.
Using Intel® Quick Sync on Intel® CPU 12th generation, requires at least driver version from Intel.
Decoding with NVIDIA graphics card is supported with GPU capability version 6.x (Pascal) or newer.

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