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Axis’ P-series is known for offering straightforward and reliable monitoring solutions for medium-sized applications. Whilst, historically, the more advanced features have been reserved for the Q range of cameras, this is beginning to shift as we find more and more of Axis' entry and mid-range cameras are being integrated with these technologies as they become the industry standard. The new Axis P5676-LE (an upgrade to the popular P5655-E) is no exception as it is the first P-series PTZ to offer Integrated IR illumination, a welcome addition if you need a business-ready PTZ that can perform in complete darkness.

Suitable for use in busy outdoor areas, the Axis P5676-LE captures video in 4MP resolution at an impressive 50 frames per second and can be connected to the Axis Q6100-E multi-sensor unit to offer 360° overviews on top of its full pan/tilt/zoom capabilities. This versatile camera also features advanced analytics such as Axis Object Analytics and Autotracker 2, allowing it to accurately detect, classify and follow moving objects, even when light levels are insufficient, making it even more useful for 24-hour monitoring of areas prone to intrusion.

Introducing the Axis P5676-LE

Introducing the Axis P5676-LE introduction video

No light? No problem!

The Axis P5676-LE’s most unique feature is the inclusion of up to 200m of Optimised IR illumination. Designed for environments with little to no lighting or 24-hour surveillance, the unit’s power-efficient IR LEDs allow objects to be seen clearly, even in complete darkness. It is useful, however, to consider the drawbacks of built-in IR illumination, as outlined in our IR Lighting Guide, one of which is the possibility of IR reflections on the lens, obscuring the image. Axis has considered this with OptimisedIR, an intelligent technology that adjusts the IR beam to the zoom and position of the camera to avoid reflections and glare, ensuring all details can be seen clearly with minimal obscurity. By including this innovative IR technology in their P-series PTZs for the first time, Axis has increased the possible applications for this camera and those of its kind, opening up a range of opportunities that were originally only possible in their Q-series PTZs.

A plethora of additional imaging technologies such as Lightfinder 2.0 and Forensic WDR are also included to help this camera offer detailed monitoring in variable lighting. With the ability to capture full-colour footage in extremely low light levels and improved performance in areas of high contrast, the Axis P5676-LE is equipped to tackle almost any challenging light condition.

Axis P5676-LE in practice

With versatility at its heart, the Axis P5676-LE would be the ideal choice for many outdoor applications, but here are two suggested environments in which we think the P5676-LE’s feature set shines:

Round-the-clock coverage in zoos

There are many considerations to take into account when choosing the right monitoring solution for a zoo, not only do you need a durable unit that can withstand inclement weather conditions, zoos require 24-hour proactive surveillance to keep the animals and the public safe. The Axis P5676-LE ticks all of these boxes, whilst encased in IP66 weather-resistant housing, the unit offers highly responsive PTZ functionality with 360° pan for sweeping overviews and a 32x optical zoom to allow close inspection of key events or objects. Moreover, its advanced low-light capabilities allow it to detect objects as effectively at night as during the day, reliably alerting operators to instances of intrusion or suspicious activity.

Reliable monitoring in car parks

Car parks are another environment to which the P5676-LE lends itself, not only can it accurately detect, classify and track vehicles that enter and exit the area – even at night, it can utilise its advanced imaging technologies such as Forensic WDR to provide clear footage and adjust to the glare of car headlights, reducing the chance that important details are lost to overexposure. With safety as a priority, it is good to know that this camera also offers support for the Axis Speed Monitor application (free download), enabling operators to keep track of vehicle speeds and notifying them when a speed limit has been exceeded – keeping the area safe for drivers and pedestrians alike.

The video above showcases the P5676-LE and some of its other unique features.

Will OptimisedIR become standard on P-series PTZs?

Marking a first in Axis P-series PTZs, the inclusion of OptimisedIR on the P5676-LE begs the question: Is OptimisedIR the new standard for Axis P-series PTZs? Although it is perhaps too early to tell, offering built-in IR increases the possible use cases and negates the requirement for additional IR accessories that could increase the cost of ownership. We are excited to see how this enhanced successor to a popular PTZ will fare and if it will open up the possibility of future P-series IR PTZs from Axis.

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