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Axis Body Worn Cameras - The benefits and how does it all work?

You may have noticed body worn cameras becoming more prevalent nowadays, being used in many everyday situations, not only by security personnel and emergency services, but also by retail workers, delivery drivers, and various occupations within the health and safety sectors. They offer a discreet, dynamic, and intuitive solution to capturing valuable video and audio evidence, and documenting incidents on-the-go from start to finish. A body worn solution can be a versatile surveillance tool for a variety of cases, including businesses concerned with safety, deterrence and training, so let’s delve into these use cases in further detail below.


The presence of body worn camera equipment can actively influence public behaviour. If someone is aware they are being recorded, they may be more inclined to keep their cool and act calm, therefore deterring unruly behaviour and preventing unpleasant situations from developing. Aware they are being recorded themselves, camera wearers are also more likely to act appropriately and comply with regulations, in turn reducing complaints.


Incidents can occasionally develop into something more serious, and this is where body worn cameras deliver arguably their most important solution - capturing evidence in the heat of the moment. Video and audio can undoubtedly aid in providing the bigger picture of how incidents started and pan out, so the evidence can be revised and used for investigations and in court if necessary.


Additionally, footage from body worn cameras can be an invaluable tool when it comes to training, through businesses and the education sector analysing content which could be used as a basis for testing how employees or students would react to similar circumstances in the real world.

Thankfully, the Axis Body Worn Solution is built on an open-platform architecture, meaning it can be easily integrated into the vast majority of preexisting systems, adding an extra layer of protection for businesses.

What are the key sectors that can benefit the most from body worn solutions?

Retail & Public Transport

The public-facing sector can encounter many challenges, such as how best to combat false claims, aggressive behaviour, assault and theft. Body worn cameras can help make people feel safer and behave better in stores and on public transport, helping to reduce unpleasant incidents such as disorderly conduct, as well as playing a useful role in staff training programs to improve performance.


Providing visual and audio recordings of interactions between patients, visitors and healthcare providers can be essential to increase safety within the sensitive area of healthcare. Stressful circumstances can lead to tempers rising, so real-time monitoring and event triggering can alert members of security to respond to incidents to alleviate situations. Promote accountability when it comes to the handling of valuable medical equipment and medications which encourages compliancy and responsibility. 

Footage can also be used in training exercises, to ensure staff are kept on the same page when it comes to consistency of procedures and how to effectively respond to dangerous situations.


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False claims can cause headaches in the logistics sector. For example, if someone denies receiving a parcel, or claims that it arrived damaged, drivers using a wearable camera can provide an indisputable record of every delivery, including who accepted it, and where it was left. 


Moreover, cash-in-transit operations are targeted by criminals, and even the mere sight of a body worn camera can act as an effective deterrent. However, if the incident progresses footage can be used as an invaluable source of evidence that will hold up in court.

Security Services

Finally, those on the front line such as police officers and security guards tend to be more exposed to threats and incidents than any others, so body worn cameras can prove to be an essential piece of deterrent equipment. It can provide protection against aggression and violence, recording instances of misconduct, and ensuring officers comply with procedures and uphold professionalism.


What’s more, training can increase the performance of officers, with footage serving as a helpful tool on how to tackle difficult, real-life scenarios.

How does a body worn solution work?

Axis is a leading supplier of IP-based video surveillance products and offers a flexible and scalable body worn solution suitable for a wide range of applications and scenarios. The solution consists of several components, as more than just a camera is needed, so we’ll explain what you need to get a system up and running below.

Axis W101 body-worn camera


The Axis W100 range of wearable cameras are compact, lightweight and ergonomic, meaning they’ll fit comfortably on suitable clothing through a variety of mounting options, and won’t interrupt the day-to-day role of an employee. Delivering 1080p HD video recording for sharp images at the click of a button and buffering up to 120 seconds, they are suitable for continued use in the field with up to 15 hours battery life.


Axis W101 Body Worn Camera

Axis W700 docking station

Docking Station

available in a choice of single or 8 bay configurations, the docking station is the base station that connects your cameras to the network via an ethernet cable to the system controller. Camera’s slotted into the dock can be linked to the network to offload the video data onto the system controller, enabling further processing. The docking station also acts as a charge port to top up the camera battery.


Axis W700 MKII Docking Station

Axis W701 MKII Docking Station

Axis W800 system controller

System Controller

This is the central integration and management point for the Axis body worn solution, establishing connection for the cameras and docking station with the network. With support for several docking stations and numerous cameras, the system control unit is capable of quickly offloading video data from cameras, which can then be sent to your video management system for safekeeping and analysis when needed.


Axis W800 System Controller

Milestone XProtect Express+

Video Management Software

Thanks to the open-platform architecture of Axis systems, the body worn monitoring solution can be brought full circle by implementing the use of a VMS to manage video and audio data. Configure camera setup, monitor direct live streams, and view recorded footage from in the field. Supported VMS include Axis Camera Station, and with the addition of the Axis Optimizer Body Worn Extension, the solution can be integrated with third-party video management systems such as Milestone XProtect.


Video: Installation tutorial

Body Worn System

To get a better understanding of how the body worn solution fits together, take a look at this diagram showing the various components of the system:

Axis Body Worn system infographic

Accessories to bespoke the solution

Could a body worn solution aid your business?

Body worn solutions can be crucial to improve the safety of staff and public via deterrence, whilst also proving to be reliable and effective for documenting potential incidents from start to finish. If you feel wearable cameras could prove useful for your organisation, please feel free to browse through the range of equipment we have to offer, and don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.  

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