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We have teamed up with Honeywell Security as a value-add partner offering  Honeywell Video Surveillance products into the UK market.

The Honeywell CCTV range of products perfectly complements our IP camera offering by adding affordable, high-quality security cameras with integrated video analytics in a variety of form factors and video resolutions.

Honeywell has been a household name for over a century, with a global reputation for supplying effective and reliable fire safety, intruder detection, access control and video surveillance solutions. Together with the team at Honeywell we are excited to be able to offer our customers the Honeywell CCTV range and help keep businesses and people safe.

Why choose Honeywell Video Surveillance?

First off, we are launching the Honeywell 35-Series security cameras alongside the compatible Honeywell network video recorders (NVRs), combined creating Honeywell’s most successful CCTV solution to date.

The Honeywell 35-Series of CCTV products offer a cost-effective, easy-to-use video surveillance system ideal for businesses looking to install a reliable CCTV system within a limited budget. Despite its attractive price point, the 35-Series of cameras come equipped with advanced features such as 5 or 8 megapixel high resolution image sensors, colour low light sensitivity, integrated infrared (IR) LEDs for monitoring in complete darkness, WDR to up to 120dB to deal with stark light contrasts, H.265 compression for lower bandwidth use, and smart analytics to detect humans and vehicles whilst reducing false alarms. Available in dome, ball, turret, bullet and PTZ form factors, there is a 35-Series camera to suit any installation scenario.

Further highlighting the image usability of the 35-series of cameras, 24-hour crisp and clear video is being delivered thanks to the built-in IR illumination with an extended range, provided by power-efficient, long-life integrated LEDs. Monitoring of areas in low light, shaded or contrasting light conditions, such as entrances and reception areas, is optimised through high-level colour low light sensitivity and effective wide dynamic range (WDR), which balances the image, ensuring good quality imaging overall and that important details aren’t missed.

In addition, all Honeywell 35-Series cameras are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. As such, there are no indoor-only or outdoor-only units, keeping the range nice and compact. The cameras’ robust aluminium casings have ingress protection of IP66 / IP67 meaning they can withstand extreme wet weather conditions, whilst some models are also IK10 rated for impact resistance.

Delving more into the video analytics capabilities of the 35-Series cameras, the units are designed to watch out for signs of motion, tampering, intrusion and loitering, and will deliver real-time notification upon detection. The intelligent Smart Motion Detection (SMD) from Honeywell is an AI-driven analytic which identifies humans and vehicles more accurately, and helps to reduce false alerts. These alerts can be integrated into local alarm systems via I/O ports, adding flexibility to build a wider security system.

Special mention is granted to the Honeywell 35-Series MFZ camera models. These cameras offer Motorised Focus and Zoom (MFZ), a very handy, time-saving feature when installing the camera. The on-site installer only has to point the camera in the right direction, the precise lens focus and zoom can be adjusted and set remotely via the motorised lens mechanism. This avoids manual, fiddly lens set up on site, and, so experience learns, this saves a significant amount of time on site overall.

Other stand-out cameras to highlight are the Honeywell 35-Series PTZ speed domes, offering high resolution, fast pan and tilt camera movement, 25x optical zoom and 150m long range IR illumination, all at an attractive price, setting a competitive benchmark in the market.

Honeywell NVRs, for a complete solution

To bring your CCTV system full-circle, Honeywell NVRs offer a range of affordable, entry-level video recorders, with 4 to 64 channels and several flexible storage options including hardware RAID for increased redundancy. Integration of the NVRs with Honeywell security cameras provides benefits such as seamless plug-and-play setup, bandwidth saving and secure stream encryption.

Suitable to be used as standalone units thanks to their HDMI, VGA and USB ports for external monitor, keyboard and mouse connectivity, no PC is necessary for installation, so simply connect the NVR to the camera network and a monitor, and be guided through the installation process by the convenient wizard to get the system up and running.

Users can take advantage of the user-friendly video management interface, called the Honeywell Smart Viewer, which works with all Honeywell NVRs. This feature-rich software provides a straightforward system for monitoring, recording and exporting footage from all connected cameras within the network.

Featuring multiple monitor support and display layouts, users can keep track of several live windows on a single screen for effective surveillance. In addition to monitoring, cameras with PTZ functions can be controlled providing coverage over large areas, long distances and in good detail when zoomed in. Furthermore, events triggered by video analytics on-board the 35-Series CCTV cameras can be easily managed, with alerts sent through on-screen alerting, push notification, alarm, or email.

Could Honeywell Video Surveillance be the right choice for your business?

Due to its versatile range of form factors, intelligent video analytics and image optimisation capabilities, Honeywell Video Surveillance deliver an all-round, reliable CCTV solution suitable for a large range of installation scenarios at a highly competitive price point. If the range has piqued your interest, feel free to browse through Honeywell products, and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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