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This video explains the process of exporting video of interest from the Milestone XProtect Smart Client application to allow further investigation, to pass to the authorities or just to store long-term. While you can export from multiple cameras at the same time, we are looking at exporting evidence from a single camera in this article. For a detailed breakdown of each control, see the detailed explanations below.

1. Enter playback mode

Below the live video, click on the 'PLAYBACK' button to leave the live view screen and enter playback mode.

2. Select time period to export

Click this icon at the bottom-left of the video. This button allows you to select a time period for export using the timeline.

3. Fine tune your export time period

You can fine-tune the export period by clicking the yellow handles on the right or left of the represented period, and dragging to the left and right to alter the duration.

You can also adjust the scale of the timeline, in or out, using this zoom control shown here to make selection of shorter or larger exports more easily.

4. Enter the export dialog

Once you have set your export period on the timeline, click the 'Export' button.

This will open a menu. Choose 'Export' from the menu.

5. Using the export window

From here you can verify your export period, make the camera selection, and access additional settings and your chosen export method. Note that in our example, we only have access to one exporting method, the XProtect format. This is the recommended format to use.

The XProtect format will export your raw video files and also include an application, Smart Client Player, which will play the exported files.

Other examples of export methods which can be used are still images or exporting as a movie file.

6. Perform the export

Click 'Create export' to continue.

This opens the 'Create export' dialogue box. From here you can give your export a meaningful filename, chose the location where you wish to save the files and also add an optional comment or set of instructions, which will be attached to your exported files and display when the export is opened.

Click the 'Export' button once you have made your choices to continue.

It will then ask you to create a password for your exported files. This keeps your exported video files secure as it will be a required before your exported video will be shown.

When you click the 'Create' button it will then start to create your export.

Note that the status bar at the top of the screen will show the progress of your export.

7. Check your exported files

When complete, click on the 'Export details' link.

This will open a small dialogue box showing the location where your exported files are stored. Click on the link to be taken automatically to the folder where your files are located.

The link automatically takes you inside the folder of your exported files.

The file, SmartClient-Player, is the program which will allow you to view your exported video files.

To check your exported footage, just double-click on the 'SmartClient-Player' icon to run the program.

When loaded it will ask for your export password. Enter the password you created earlier to continue.

When your export opens, note that your comments/instructions will automatically appear as soon as you log in.

18. And that's all there is to it. You can check over your export to ensure that the time period available is the same as the time period you selected to export.

If you need to deliver your export to another party, copy all files, including directories, as shown below to disk, USB stick or any other kind of removable media, and provide the password so they will be able to open it.

Milestone XProtect is the leading, open platform Video Management Software. It can be used by organisations of any size, from small businesses to national infrastructure for any application that needs video.

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