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Free setup support for our customers

We provide our customers with free technical support for setting up cameras and software purchased from us.


When contacting our helpdesk please have your order ID number to hand. This will allow us to assist you with a minimum of delay. The ID number is shown on the order confirmation or invoice that we have emailed to you, starting with the prefix 'EU'.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

For customers requiring more than setup support, and looking for ongoing support and regular system updates, we offer bespoke Service Level Agreements (SLA) that will see your system maintained and supported by the team of experts from our Systems Support Desk .

Or call us on 0151 633 2111

Additional information

Here is some further information and answers to questions we often receive about our Free Setup Support.


Free Set-up Support is the support that we will provide you with free of charge to overcome initial set-up or installation problems you may encounter after buying a product from us. The technicians of our Systems Support Desk will assist you with getting your camera up and running and provide help with the features you’d like to use.


The quickest way to obtain our support is to submit a support ticket above with the order ID we provided with your order, and a brief description of the issue you have encountered. One of our technicians will then be able to familiarise her/himself with the products on your order and take note of your issue before contacting you to assist with resolving the problem. This is the quickest and most efficient way of helping you.


Depending on the nature of your support request or issue, our technicians will use the most efficient means to help you, which may include providing assistance and advice via our Support Ticket System, via phone or remote access (e.g. TeamViewer). Our free support does not include on-site support.


Our Free Setup Support is limited to our customers, after a recent purchase, to help with initial configuration and set-up, to get your system working. The support will not be free ongoingly. For ongoing maintenance and support, and frequent system updates, we offer service level agreements (SLA) bespoke to the requirements of your system and operation. Please make an enquiry to discuss your requirements or for a quotation.

The amount and level of free support provided is solely at our discretion. We are under no obligation, legal or otherwise, to Customers to provide this free support service and may decline a support request at our discretion, at any time, without notice, and without reason. However, we will always act on reasonable terms and good faith and will normally not decline a support request.

This free support service is not available for products not purchased from us.


Yes. We look after the CCTV systems of many companies and public sector organisations. We offer annual service level agreements (SLA) bespoke to the requirements of your system and operation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or receive a quotation.


By making use of our Free Setup Support the Customer (you) accepts that this free service is provided under the strict condition that the use by the Customer (you) of the advice, support or recommendations provided by us (NW Security Group Limited) is at the Customer’s (your) own risk. We do not accept any liability or responsibility for damages, of whatever nature, that the Customer (you), or any other party, may claim is the result of the advice, support or recommendations given by us under this Free Setup Support service.

Last updated: 17th March 2021

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