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| PNM-9322VQP

Hanwha Vision PNM-9322VQP outdoor multi-sensor PTZ dome with 4 x exchangeable 2MP or 5MP sensors and 2MP PTZ sensor

£4,171.20 inc VAT
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Providing a highly customisable 360° multi-directional and PTZ monitoring solution in a single unit, the Hanwha Vision PNM-9322VQP is an innovative unit that offers a range of exchangeable lenses, ideal for large and busy outdoor areas.

  • 2MP resolution PTZ sensor
  • 4 x exchangeable 2MP or 5MP sensors
  • IP66 and IK10-rated casing
  • Wisestream II compression technology
  • Hanwha Vision 5-year warranty
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Overview of the Hanwha Vision PNM-9322VQP

  • PTZ sensor offers 2MP resolution video at up to 60 frames per second
  • 4 x exchangeable 2MP and 5MP resolution lenses available for tailored multi-directional views
  • WDR technology improves detail captured in areas of high contrast
  • 5 x SD card slots for a reliable backup of each camera stream
  • Hanwha Vision 5-year warranty
  • Dimensions: Ø 367.8 x 335.7 mm

Equipped with both multi-directional and PTZ capabilities, the impressive PNM-9322VQP outdoor camera by Hanwha Vision offers five camera sensors in a single unit - Able to provide 360° situational awareness and PTZ navigation simultaneously. The camera comes with an HD 1080p resolution PTZ sensor that records at up to 60 fps, and users can choose up to four additional sensors (sold separately – choose from dropdown menu) to provide a more tailored monitoring solution. The exchangeable lenses are available in HD 1080p resolution at 60fps for busier scenes or 6MP at full frame rate for applications that require higher resolution footage. To combat the higher bandwidth usage associated with high-definition video capture, this camera employs Wisestream II compression technology to reduce storage requirements and allow more footage to be recorded in higher resolutions.


The integrated PTZ sensor includes 360° endless pan capabilities and a 32x optical zoom, enabling precise navigation of the entire view and real-time investigation in regions of interest. The multi-sensor element of the camera houses four exchangeable lenses offering the possibility of a full 360° overview or the ability to mix and match the lenses based on their requirements. With viewing angles from 50° to 135° there is a wide range of options, see the below comparison table for details of each available lens:

Feature SLA-5M7000P SLA-5M4600P SLA-5M3700P SLA-2M1200P SLA-2M6000P SLA-2M3600P SLA-2M2800P SLA-2M2400P
Imaging Device 1/2.8" 5MP CMOS 1/2.8" 5MP CMOS 1/2.8" 5MP CMOS 1/2.8" 2MP CMOS 1/2.8" 2MP CMOS 1/2.8" 2MP CMOS 1/2.8" 2MP CMOS 1/2.8" 2MP CMOS
Effective Pixels 2616 (H) x 1976 (V) 2616 (H) x 1976 (V) 2616 (H) x 1976 (V) 1945 (H) x 1109 (V) 1945 (H) x 1109 (V) 1945 (H) x 1109 (V) 1945 (H) x 1109 (V) 1945 (H) x 1109 (V)
Min. Illumination Colour: 0.16Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec) B/W: 0.16Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec) Colour: 0.16Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec) B/W: 0.16Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec) Colour: 0.16Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec) B/W: 0.16Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec) Colour: 0.055Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec) B/W: 0.055Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec Colour: 0.055Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec) B/W: 0.055Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec Colour: 0.055Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec) B/W: 0.055Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec Colour: 0.055Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec) B/W: 0.055Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec Colour: 0.055Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec) B/W: 0.055Lux(F2.0, 1/30sec
Focal Length (Zoom Ratio) 7.0mm fixed focal 4.6mm fixed focal 3.7mm fixed focal 12.0mm fixed focal 6.0mm fixed focal 3.6mm fixed focal 2.8mm fixed focal 2.4mm fixed focal
Max. Aperture Ratio F1.6 F1.6 F1.6 F2.0 F2.0 F2.0 F2.0 F2.0
Angular Field of
H: 50.7°, V: 37.8°, D: 63.8° H: 77.9°, V: 57.9°, D: 98.7° H: 97.5°, V: 71.9°, D: 126.2° H: 26.3°, V: 14.9°, D: 30.0° H: 50.4°, V: 28.8°, D: 58.1° H: 94.8°, V: 49.3°, D: 114.3° H: 107.4°, V: 62.2°, D: 122.0° H: 135.4°, V: 71.2°, D: 161.6°
Pan / Tilt / Rotate Range -90~+90 / +12~+93 / - 180~+180 -90~+90 / +21~+85 / - 180~+180 -90~+90 / +36~+73 / - 180~+180 -90°~+90° / +10~+97° / - 180°~+180° -90°~+90° / +10~+95° / - 180°~+180° -90°~+90° / +22~+84° / - 180°~+180° -90°~+90° / +26~+80° / - 180°~+180° -90°~+90° / +52~+56° / - 180°~+180°


Designed for outdoor use, the Hanwha Vision PNM-9322VQP features advanced imaging technologies to deliver reliable 24-hour video capture, even in variable light conditions. Technologies such as WDR and digital noise reduction improve image clarity in difficult lighting conditions. WDR balances lighting in areas of high contrast, enabling details in both bright and dark areas to be viewed clearly. Digital noise reduction is a handy feature that strips away blurring and artefacts that often appear in low-light footage, making it easier to distinguish key details. Furthermore, digital image stabilisation is a particularly helpful feature as it stabilises the footage when the PTZ camera pans or zooms, ensuring the video is entirely smooth.

Video analytics

For optimal scene awareness, even when operators are not on-site, they can be alerted by notifications such as email, or triggers can be set up to start recording when motion, tampering or camera defocus is detected with configurable detection alarms – keeping users fully informed of potential events. When an event is detected by one of the four multi-directional sensors, it automatically links to the PTZ unit to carry out zoom and track functions. Additionally, when recording in preset mode, the PTZ camera will automatically zoom into a user-defined position when it has ceased tracking an object.

Video management

This advanced unit is fitted with five SD card slots (cards not included), providing each sensor with its own backup of data in the event of network failure – making sure nothing is missed due to downtime. Remote viewing is available through the free Wisenet Viewer application, enabling users to check their cameras from anywhere via a mobile device. The camera requires only one VMS licence, despite providing five separate views and can be added to a new or existing Wisenet WAVE or Milestone XProtect installation.


To simplify installation, this camera receives high-capacity power and network connectivity over a single Ethernet cable with support for Power-over-Ethernet Plus (PoE+). Also, the PNM-9322VQP is designed for durable external use and is housed in an IP66 and IK10-rated casing, protecting it against harsh weather conditions and heavy impacts.

Please note: this camera does not come with a power supply, please select from the accessories tab if required.

Key features & benefits

  • All-in-one multi-directional and PTZ camera offering five cameras in one unit, requiring only a single VMS licence
  • HD 1080p resolution PTZ sensor records at 60fps and features 360° pan and 32x zoom for precise navigation and close inspection of objects
  • 4 exchangeable lenses can be fitted, offering 2 or 5MP resolution and viewing angles between 50°, and 135°
  • Wisestream II technology optimises bandwidth and reduces storage requirements – ideal for higher resolutions
  • WDR technology enables details in high-contrast scenes to be viewed clearly
  • Digital noise reduction strips away the graininess that can obscure footage captured in dark conditions
  • Camera movement is minimised for smooth footage when panning and zooming with digital image stabilisation
  • Users are notified of activity in real-time with motion, tampering and defocus detection
  • When motion is detected the view can be automatically handed over to the PTZ for closer inspection
  • Preset mode allows the PTZ camera to return to a user-defined position
  • 5 x SD card slots provide a data backup for each sensor
  • PoE+ delivers both power and network over one cable for streamlined installation
  • Camera is protected against inclement weather and impacts with IP66 and IK10-rated casing

Typical applications

This innovative five-in-one multi-directional and PTZ camera by Hanwha Vision offers highly proactive outdoor monitoring that can be tailored to users’ requirements. Designed for use in large and busy outdoor areas, this camera is ideal for city surveillance, large car parks and zoos.



  • User manual
  • Installation Guide

Optional (select from section below):

  • PoE midspan
  • MicroSD card

Mounting options (select optional accessories from dropdown menu)

  • Wall mounting - Hanwha Vision SBP-390WMW2
  • Pole mounting - Hanwha VisionSBP-390WMW2 & SBP-300PMW1
  • Parapet mounting - Hanwha Vision SBP-300LMW
  • Corner mounting - Hanwha Vision SBP-390WMW2 & SBP-300KMW1
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Key technical features of the Wisenet PNM-9322VQP


Environment: outdoor (IP66 and IK10 rated)
Type: multi-sensor & PTZ dome
Sensor: 1~4CH: Optional lens / 5CH: 1/2.8" CMOS
Lens: 1~4CH: Optional lens / 5CH: H 61.8°(Wide)~2.19°(Tele), V 36.2°(Wide)~1.24°(Tele)
PTZ: 1~4CH: Optional lens / 5CH: 360° Endless / 190 (-5~185) 
Audio: audio in: selectable(mic in/line in) - PTZ(CH5) only Supply voltage: 2.5VDC(4mA), Input impedance: 2K Ohm, audio out: line out, max. output level: 1Vrms - PTZ(CH5) only 
Power: HPoE(IEEE802.3bt, Class 8), power consumption: HPoE: Max 65W, Typical 34W
Memory: 5GB RAM, 1280MB Flash


Resolution: 5MP: 320x240 - 2560x1920 2MP: 320x240 - 1920x1080
Compression: H.265/H.264:  MJPEG
Frame rate: H.265/H.264: 2MP Max. 60fps/50fps(60Hz/50Hz), 5MP Max. 30fps/25fps(60Hz/50Hz) MJPEG: Max. 30fps/25fps(60Hz/50Hz) 
Video streaming: Unicast (20 users) / Multicast Multiple streaming (Up to 10 profiles)
Day/night: 1~4CH: Auto(Electrical), 5CH: Auto(ICR) 
Minimum illumination: Colour: 0.16Lux (F2.0, 1/30sec) B/W: 0.16Lux (F2.0, 1/30sec) or  colour: 0.055Lux (F2.0, 1/30sec) B/W: 0.055Lux (F2.0, 1/30sec) (lens dependent) 
IR illumination: none
Video overlay: text and image
Image settings: backlight compensation, WDR, digital noise reduction, white balance, digital image stabilisation, defog,  privacy masking, gain control, electronic shutter speed, LDC support, video rotation


Application Programming Interface: ONVIF Profile S/T SUNAPI(HTTP API) 
Event triggers: analytics, network disconnect
Event action: file upload via FTP and e-mail notification via e-mail SD/SDHC/SDXC recording at event triggers alarm output 
Privacy masking: 1~4CH: 32ea, 4point quadrangle zones / 5CH: rectangle zones - colour: Grey/Green/Red/Blue/Black/White - Mosaic

Video Management

On-camera recording: Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC 4slot 256GB(Each CH) 
Network video recorders: Wisenet NVRs, ONVIF support for 3rd party, Milestone Husky NVRs
Video Management Software: Wisenet Viewer, Wisenet WAVE, Milestone XProtect
Cloud: supported


Network connections: Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC 4slot 256GB(Each CH) 
Alarm I/O connections: Selectable 2 port
Dimensions: Ø 367.8 x 335.7mm
Weight: 7.05kg
Casing: white / aluminium, IP66, NEMA 4X, IK10 
Operating temperatures: -40°C~+55°C
Mounting methods: wall, parapet, pole, corner
Installation aids: none
Warranty: 5 year
Power consumption: max. 65W
Security: HTTPS(SSL) Login Authentication Digest Login Authentication IP Address Filtering User access log 802.1X Authentication (EAP-TLS, EAP-LEAP)
Approvals: none

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