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Axis F4005-E outdoor dome sensor unit with HD 1080p, 110° view and WDR, designed for use with an Axis F series main unit [0775-001]

Axis F4005-E outdoor dome sensor unit with HD 1080p, 110° view and WDR, designed for use with an Axis F series main unit
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Overview of the Axis F4005- E

This Axis dome sensor unit with vandal resistant recessed mount is designed for connecting to an Axis F series main unit. The sensor is capable of providing HD 1080p resolution and is suitable for internal, external and in-vehicle use. When connected to one of the Axis F series main units, this camera provides a wide horizontal angle of view reaching 110° as well as a 120° tilt, offering greater flexibility during installation. The compact dome sensor unit supports Axis' Corridor Format and dependent on which main unit is connected, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) - Forensic Capture is also available.

Featuring IP66 and IK09 ratings, this rugged sensor unit is able to operate in temperatures as low as -30°c and withstand shocks, vibrations and acts of vandalism. Suitable for placement within an exposed external area, the unit's housing protects against dust, rain and snow.

Part of the modular Axis F series providing discreet and compact CCTV surveillance, the sensor is suitable for external installations and its wide horizontal viewing angle results in coverage of a large area. The unit is capable of capturing HD 1080p resolution at up to 50 frames per second (fps), dependent on which Axis F series main unit the sensor is connected to.

WDR – Forensic Capture (where supported by the main unit) allows the F4005-E to deliver high quality monitoring in challenging light conditions. The technology lowers noise levels and increases the image signal allowing both bright and dark areas within the scene to be seen clearly. This increases the forensic value of recordings, making it ideal for use in retail environments where identification may be needed.

The Axis Corridor Format technology in this model has the ability to provide a vertically oriented ''portrait'' video stream. This maximises use of the camera's image sensor by removing extraneous areas in the field of view and reduces bandwidth consumption and storage waste. It's a feature that's particularly helpful when monitoring cash machines, inside buses and service roads. The recessed dome design enables simple installation and offers unobtrusive surveillance. The included cable allows the sensor the be connected up to 12m away from the main unit - enabling flexible routing during installation.

Please note: this sensor unit is designed for use with the F41, F34 and F44 main units and is not a standalone network camera.

Key features & benefits

  • The compact recessed dome mount enables discreet surveillance
  • The sensor is able to deliver HD 1080p resolution at a high frame rate of 50 fps - resulting in high quality, smooth video
  • The viewing angle of 110° allows a wide area of the scene to be captured
  • Axis Corridor Format provides a "portrait" oriented video stream to maximise the area of interest in a scene
  • The included cable allows the sensor to be connected up to 12m away from the Axis F main unit - offering flexibility when siting the sensors
  • The model supports Wide Dynamic Range – Forensic Capture (where supported by the main unit) to ensure high quality imaging in challenging light conditions
  • Included rotation tool for levelling the image and making set up easier

Typical applications

When used in combination with one of the Axis F series main units and connected via a 12m cable, the Axis F4005-E external sensor unit delivers discreet, highly flexible CCTV surveillance. Ideal for small external spaces such as cash points and in-vehicle use such as buses.



  • 12m cable
  • Installation guide
  • Windows decoder 1-user license

Key technical features of the Axis F4005-E sensor unit

Sensor Unit
Environment: outdoors
Type: sensor unit for the Axis F series main units
Image sensor: 1/2.8" (effective) progressive scan RGB CMOS
Lens: 2.8 mm, F2.0, with Axis F34/F41/F44 main unit in 1080p: 110° horizontal angle of view, 61° vertical angle of view, with Axis F34/F44 in 720p: 71° horizontal angle of view, 40° vertical angle of view
Minimum illumination: colour: 0.3 lux
Resolution: max: 1080p at 50 fps
WDR:  WDR - Forensic Capture: with Axis F41: 1080p at 25 fps, with Axis F44: 720p at 12.5 fps
Dimensions: ø112 x 38mm
Weight: 0.5 kg
Casing: IK09-, IP66-rated plastic casing
Warranty: 3 years
Mounting methods: wall, ceiling
Operating temperatures: -30°C to 55°C
Required hardware: Axis F Series main unit

Demo video of the Axis F series:

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