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Axis F1035-E outdoor sensor with 194° fisheye lens, HD 1080p & 3m or 12m cable for connection to Axis F series main unit

Axis F1035-E outdoor sensor with 194° fisheye lens, HD 1080p & 3m or 12m cable for connection to Axis F series main unit
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Overview of the Axis F1035-E

Highly covert and outdoor-ready Axis F1035-E fisheye sensor module with 194° ultra-wide viewing angle and HD 1080p resolution. 3m cable for connecting to the Axis F series main units is included and a 12m cable is available (optional). Also included is the Axis F8201 vari-angle mounting bracket.

IP66-rated and rugged, the Axis F1035-E sensor module from the flexible Axis F series connects to the Axis F series main units using the included 3m cable (12m optional ~ please select from above drop down menu), delivering covert and durable outdoor surveillance ideal for tight spaces and mobile applications that may be subject to harsh weather and fluctuating temperatures. The sensor's fisheye lens is capable of delivering a 194° viewing angle and the unit can capture HD 1080p resolution for high quality, smooth CCTV monitoring.

The included Axis F8201 vari-angle mounting bracket assists with installation, securing the sensor in place and enabling it to be tilted to achieve the optimum viewing angle.

Please note: this sensor unit is designed for use with the F41, F34 and F44 main units and is not a standalone network camera.

Key features & benefits

  • Designed for use with the Axis F series main units - connected via 3m or 12m cable for flexible installation
  • Compact form factor is ideal for surveillance of small spaces and for covert monitoring
  • Ultra-wide 194° viewing angle with fisheye view enables 'overview' monitoring of areas
  • Captures activity smoothly in HD 1080p
  • IP66-rated and rugged therefore can withstand dust, snow, shock, temperature fluctuations, wind and vibrations
  • Comes with 3m cable (please select from above if 12m cable is required)
  • Axis F8201 vari-angle mounting bracket is included to secure the sensor and tilt to achieve optimum viewing

Typical applications

The Axis F1035-E is ideal for highly discreet overview surveillance in mobile, indoor or outdoor applications that require covert, high quality surveillance. Typical examples include ATMs, emergency vehicles, buses and trams.



  • Installation guide
  • Axis F8201 vari-angle mounting bracket


  • 12m cable (please select from the above drop down menu if required)

Key technical features of the Axis F1035-E sensor unit

Sensor Unit
Environment: outdoors
Type: sensor unit for the Axis F series main units
Image sensor: 1/2.8" (effective) progressive scan RGB CMOS
Lens: fixed iris, 1.3 mm, F2.8, with Axis F34/F41/F44 main unit in 1080p: 194° horizontal angle of view, 113° vertical angle of view, with Axis F34/F44 in 720p: 112° horizontal angle of view, 66° vertical angle of view
Minimum illumination: colour: 0.3 lux
Resolution: max: 1080p at 50 fps
WDR:  WDR - Forensic Capture: with Axis F41: 1080p at 25 fps, with Axis F44: 720p at 12.5 fps
Dimensions: ø30 x 62mm
Weight: 0.9 kg
Casing: IP66-, IP67-arted, aluminium 
Warranty: 3 years
Mounting methods: included: vari-angle mounting bracket
Operating temperatures: -30°C to 55°C
Required hardware: Axis F Series main unit

Demo video of the Axis F series:

Demo video of the Axis F44 main unit used with F series sensors: