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Axis Communications

Inventors of the IP camera in 1996, Axis Communications has been a technological leader in network-based video and security products right from the start. Today, Axis continues to create the most well-thought out IP products and technologies that help improve security and business efficiency around the world.

Axis camera mounted on wall in airport, with the airport scene slightly blurred

Axis IP products, delivered with expertise by NW

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We are experts in Axis IP video solutions, providing unparalleled, wide-ranging advice and support to customers and users of Axis IP camera products.

With over 50,000 Axis IP cameras delivered, we have all the knowledge and experience for helping you choose the Axis products right for you.

As a world-leading manufacturer of IP camera equipment, Axis offers a wide range of products suitable for small business security to high-end IP CCTV surveillance. We have been an Axis Gold Partner since 2004, offering expertise across the whole Axis product portfolio.

We are also certified Axis Camera Station Specialists with deeper knowledge of creating a unified Axis Camera Station solution for you.

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What is Axis Object Analytics (AOA)?

Axis Object Analytics (AOA) is the name Axis has given to the AI-based video analytics capability it builds into its cameras as an inclusive, standard feature for all customers to benefit from. Axis Object Analytics give users a range of extra benefits, including:

  • Reliable, accurate detection of people and vehicles
  • Low rate of false alarms from environmental noise
  • Classification of people and vehicles, e.g. cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes
  • Area of interest with object, occupancy or time limit detection
  • Line crossing detection, and people and vehicle counting

These video analytics features are easy to set up in Axis cameras with the flexibility to run multiple of these simultaneously. AOA is a continuously evolving technology and more and more video analytics capability is built into Axis cameras as standard as time goes by. Generally speaking, the newest Axis cameras and firmware releases provide the latest AOA capabilities.

Video analytics video thumbnail
AOA - Object in Area of Interest video

AOA - Object in Area of Interest

Accurately detect objects, e.g. people or vehicles, entering a pre-defined area. Define a region of interest in the image scene and set the camera to alert if an unwanted object is entering into the area. In this demo video a person enters a pre-defined region without an alert being raised but as soon as a vehicle enters the area the Axis camera triggers an alert. It is a useful feature to keep vehicles away from pedestrianised areas. 

AOA - Time Limit in Area of Interest

Axis Object Analytics can trigger an alert when an object, e.g. a person or vehicle, enters into a predefined area and stays there for too long. This demo video shows that people passing through an area does not trigger a camera alert. But the camera does raise an alert when people move in the area and are staying there for too long. The video also shows an example of a taxi arriving in front of a building and the camera alerting as a result of a taxi staying there for too long. This video analytic is a handy tool for ensuring areas remain clear of people or vehicles that are static. 

AOA - Time Limit in Area of Interest video
AOA - Occupancy in Area of Interest video

AOA - Occupancy in Area of Interest

If you are looking to manage or gain insights into the occupancy of a certain area, then Axis Object Analytics embedded in Axis cameras provides the answer by monitoring occupancy for you. This demo video shows how an Axis camera with AOA keeps track of the number of people in a café, and also how it can monitor the number of vehicles in a car park. It is ideal for occupancy management and allocating resources and capacity in accordance with how busy it is. 

AOA - Crossline people and vehicle counting

AOA offers a low-cost solution to counting people and vehicles. This demo video is an example of how an Axis camera with AOA can be used to count the number of people entering a park. It also shows how an AOA-capable camera can count traffic on a motorway and keep track of how many cars, vans, buses and motorbikes are passing through.   

AOA - Crossline people and vehicle counting video
Axis Camera Application platform example overlay screenshot

What is the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP)?

Axis IP cameras are designed to enable additional software applications to be installed on the camera. This enablement is called the Axis Camera Application Platform, or ACAP in short.


The software applications available for installation on Axis cameras are aplenty and varied, each suited to sector-specific challenges or specific use cases. There are video analytics and data integration applications from both Axis as well as Axis Technology Partners, that combined offer an extensive library of add-on applications that can make an Axis camera a practical, low cost solution for many different operational problems.


The ACAP-based applications are different from Axis Object Analytics (AOA) in that AOA comes embedded with an Axis camera as standard, whereas ACAP applications are installed on an Axis camera as an add-on, and are bought as an extra (though some Axis ACAP software add-ons are free).


Vaxtor ANPR and OCR analytics, and CamStreamer data integrations are good examples of real value-add applications for Axis IP cameras.

Why buy Axis?

Leading in Technology

  • Axis design its own ARTPEC chipsets, giving maximum power to cameras for advanced functionality, and stronger cybersecurity and video analytics
  • Axis Zipstream technology lowers bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of 50% whilst preserving the forensic quality of CCTV footage
  • Axis Lightfinder technology delivers high-resolution, full-colour video capture with the very minimum of motion blur even in near darkness
  • With Axis OptimisedIR the infrared beam automatically adapts as the camera zooms in or out, always providing an evenly illuminated scene
  • Axis Scene Intelligence technology enables powerful image processing and video analytics on the camera to consistently perform in real-life environments

Leading in Quality

  • Very low failure rate and five-year Axis hardware warranty on all Axis IP cameras
  • Advance replacements in case a camera goes faulty, avoiding having to attend to a camera location twice, and keeping the downtime to a minimum (via NW)
  • Industry-leading, long-term Axis device firmware support with up to 10 years of firmware support from product release date
  • Sustainability: Axis has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2007 and works to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Technically mature products, meaning all the under-the-hood elements are of the highest standards and work across devices and software
  • Future-proof, open platform ecosystem that provides the flexibility to use or integrate Axis products in many different systems if requirements change

Leading in Cybersecurity

  • Industry-leading Cybersecurity credentials: Axis is head and shoulders above other vendors in the industry
  • Long-term cybersecurity in products means long-term investment protection
  • Axis Edge Vault ensures integrity of Axis products from the factory to the end user, enabling the use of cryptographic keys that provides for supply chain protection, secure key storage, and detection if video tampered with
  • The Axis OS platform enables to quickly release firmware updates and security patches across a large number of Axis products
  • Transparency: Axis is a Common Vulnerability and Exposures (CVE) number authority, and swiftly publishes and notifies stakeholders of any vulnerabilities so that customers can take action
  • Axis provides a wealth of Cybersecurity information and resources available for use by Axis customers and users

Axis Partners for Video Management

Image showing multiple screen types with XProtect logo on them

Milestone XProtect

Axis IP cameras and devices work hand-in-glove with Milestone XProtect video management systems. The Axis-Milestone combination is a popular choice the world over, born out of the close integration partnership between the two since the beginning.

Image showing multiple screen types with Morphean example screens

Morphean Cloud

Morphean is an Axis-only cloud platform, enabling you to create a cloud-based CCTV system with all the advantages that Axis cameras provide. Using tunnelling technology and end-to-end encryption, Axis IP cameras are directly and securely connected to your Morphean Cloud account.

Stylised image showing a camera, surrounded by a cloud shape and icons

CamStreamer Cloud

CamStreamer is a second cloud option exclusive to Axis IP cameras, using tunnelling and secure encryption for Axis cameras to connect directly to the CamStreamer cloud. Offering 30-day cloud storage at low prices, CamStreamer is attractive to users that do not wish to compromise on retention time.

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