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Axis T90A20, IP66-rated vandal resistant infrared LED illuminator, 28 m coverage

Axis T90A20, IP66-rated vandal resistant infrared LED illuminator, 28 m coverage

This product has now been discontinued. Alternative products are available from Raytec.

Overview of 5013-201 Axis T90A20

The Axis T90A20 is an infrared illuminator which can used in any environment that requires night time security without contributing to light pollution. A coverage distance of up to 16m (92 ft) is provided at an adjustable angle of between 120° and 180°.

This illuminator is designed for longevity and energy efficiency, and is therefore ideally suited to any establishment which needs constant coverage. The Axis T90A20 features solid surface mounted LEDs, enabling the product to function continuously for up to 10 years. With an IP66 rating, the LEDs are not affected by extreme temperatures, heavy rain or debris-carrying winds. The LEDs are also vandal resistant, and can withstand attacks from blunt objects or long range air rifle shots.

Key features & benefits of 5013-201 Axis T90A20

  • Works effectively in harsh weather and extreme heat/cold
  • No light pollution
  • 10-year lifespan through surface mount LEDs
  • Vandal resistant LEDs protect against heavy impacts

Typical applications of 5013-201 Axis T90A20

The Axis T90A20 can be installed in any area, but is mostly suited to locations which operate under light pollution restrictions

Accessories for 5013-201 Axis T90A20


  • U-bracket
  • Power supply with adjustable photocell

Key technical features for 5013-201 Axis T90A20

Power:100-240 V AC (auto-sensing) input - adjustable power output for the LED and telemetry control
Wavelength:850 nm semi-covert
Dimensions:160 mm (W) x 115 mm (H) x 54 mm (D)
Cable length:2.5 m (8 ft)
Power Consumption:20 W
Angle:120° - 180°
Distance (T90A20):16 to 11 m (52 to 36 ft)
Distance (T90A21):28 to 18 m (92 to 59 ft)
Operating temperatures:-50 - 50 °C (-58 - 122 °F)

Documentation for 5013-201 Axis T90A20

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