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The lowdown on Milestone’s XProtect 2019 R3 release

Milestone 2019 R3 updateAs part of a regular update programme, Milestone has released XProtect R3 2019, which contains a number of new features. There’s also a major security update to the Smart Client. This impacts the order this update should be run in your system.

This blog looks at the main features of R3 and what you can do to take advantage of them.

New features

Here are two main features which are available for the modern versions of XProtect:

One search functionality – for everything

Having to dig around in various parts of XProtect for different things can be frustrating. This is set to change with the new Centralized Search.

Centralized Search, which replaces Sequence Explorer, gives you one place to look for any piece of data. Enabling you to search for:

  • video sequences
  • alarms
  • events
  • bookmarks
  • motion detection

All from one search bar.

More support for cameras

Milestone’s new Driver Framework makes even more devices compatible with XProtect. This goes beyond cameras to devices like new encoders and IoT products.

For existing partners and developers, the driver improvements have led to better, faster and deeper integrations.

Other improvements

  • Two-way audio playback
  • Web & mobile client improvements
  • H.265 video decoding

There’s also other functionality for Expert & Corporate including:

  • Adaptive Streaming in Smart Client and Smart Wall – automatically view multiple streams in a variety of resolutions depending on screen size
  • Expanded device password management

NB. Device password management is also further improved in 2019 R3 (having been first released in 2019 R2). It is a very positive improvement enabling user credential changes to be handled by Milestone, which is great for cyber security. If you are not using it, you should be.

Note – update in the right order

Unlike previous updates, R3 requires you to update the Milestone Smart Client before your system update.

To update security within Milestone, the service channel has been removed. This means that older Smart Clients won’t be able to connect to a system running 2019 R3.

To avoid any complications with your installation, make sure you update in this order:

  1. Smart client update
  2. System update

Upgrading the Smart Clients before the Milestone system means that there is no loss of connectivity or unnecessary downtime.

The new Smart Client is backwards compatible so it can connect to older systems.

Read more from Milestone on this release.

Can I get this update?

If you’ve got Care Plus on your Milestone system, you can upgrade at any time. Here’s a link to the Milestone download centre for this release.

For those without Care Plus who want 2019 R3. You can either request a quote for an upgrade or Care Plus. Just send us your SLC and we’ll do the rest.

If you need any help with installation and you bought your software through us, then our technical helpdesk is available to help. Alternatively, we offer professional upgrade service to make this process seamless, contact us for more information.

Published on October 31st, 2019 by Network Webcams

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