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The Axis P14 series – what you need to know

Axis P14 ip camera with a city square backgroundAxis has updated their popular P14 series, which now consists of four in/outdoor bullet cameras. All of them contain improved light sensitivity, IR illumination and compression technology in a compact body of 260mm long.

Let’s take a look at the technology in the latest P14 cameras:


OptimizedIR is an Axis term incorporating a number of features around the infrared (IR) lamps in their cameras. This Axis technology enables you not only to adjust the intensity and angle of illumination from IR lamps to avoid reflections (not found in all cameras with IR), but in PTZ cameras with OptimizedIR the IR beam automatically adjusts to follow the camera’s zoom level. OptimisedIR is useful in locations where glare from reflective surfaces like glass, can be an issue.


Combining light-sensitive sensors and software in these Lightfinder cameras delivers clear colour footage day and night. Making detection, observation, recognition and identification much easier. We talked about Lightfinder when it was first introduced back in 2011. It is, of course, now much-improved.


This H.264-based compression technology can reduce storage requirements by up to 50%, whilst retaining the most important elements of a scene. Axis provides controls in-camera to set the level of Zipstream compression. Read more on how Zipstream uses dynamic frame rate to reduce bandwidth.

What’s in the P14 range?

As the cameras look the same, this comparison table shows the major differences between the models in the range.

Camera IR illumination Field of view Resolution
P1435-LE 30m 95° – 35° /
34.5° – 18°
HD 1080p
P1445-LE 40m 110° – 38° HD 1080p
P1447-LE 30m 104° – 36° 5MP
P1448-LE 25m 109° – 37° 4k

Axis P14 cameras are ideal for surveillance both indoors and outdoors, as they deliver smooth, detailed footage in HD. Usefully they also come with an integrated bracket, so if you’re installing on a ceiling or wall, you can do so out of the box.

Finally, the range is attractively priced from around £500.

Take a look at the video below to see sample P14 footage. The video also shows you how to install and adjust the camera to get the view you want.

Out of the four, the camera that stands out for us, and one that our installation team uses a great deal, is the P1435-LE.

The outstanding Axis P1435-LE

The Axis P1435-LE has replaced the popular P1425-LE Mk II. The video for the latter is one of our most watched videos on YouTube.

You can choose from two varifocal lenses with the Axis P1435-LE, giving you a choice between wide or narrow telephoto view. If you choose the wider lens, this is ideal for areas like car parks or bus stations with a horizontal field of view from 95°-35°. The telephoto lens (from 34.5°-18°) is more suitable if you’re looking to see one small area in detail. For example, several customers are using this camera as part of a license plate recognition system.

Whichever you choose, the focus and zoom functionality enables you to get the correct view. You can also use the digital PTZ capability to move about within the scene.

Importantly, the resolution doesn’t drop at high frame rates. You can still get HP1080p at 60 frames per second if required, ideal for busy situations with fast-moving objects. Finally, the compact design helps to make the camera look unobtrusive in situ.

All-in-all the Axis P1435-LE has an impressive feature-set, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

To sum up

The series has always been popular because of its versatility and innovative features at a reasonable price. This latest generation of P14 cameras now includes Axis’ market leading technology making them a great choice for all-round CCTV surveillance in a mature package at an affordable price.

From the range, the Axis P1435-LE, with its choice of lenses, has become our go-to camera for most surveillance needs.

Published on April 4th, 2019 by Network Webcams

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