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Top IP cameras contenders for 2019

Top IP camera picks for 2019If you’re looking for some guidance on IP cameras, then reviewing our recommended models can help your decision. There are a number of products, which stand out from the rest. This top 10 should give you to some solutions to consider whatever your surveillance scenario.

In no particular order, our top picks for 2019 are:

Axis M5525-E indoor / outdoor PTZ

Designed by Axis to provide customers with a cost-effective pan tilt zoom camera under £1000. The M5525-E was predicted to be popular and so it’s proved to be. Created for large area surveillance, the M2252-E offers a 360° pan and 10x optical zoom to enable investigation in an area and allows you to easily track an object or person.

This model includes features normally seen on the higher end Axis cameras. For example, WDR Forensic Capture improves image quality in areas with bright light and dark shadows. To make set up easier, three handy scene profiles are supported: forensic, indoor or outdoor.

All-in-all we think this is a great camera, packed with features – with a surprisingly small price tag.

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LILIN LR832 outdoor mini-bullet


An ideal choice for small business applications. The LILIN LR832 delivers HD 1080p resolution at up to 15 fps, or HD 720p and offers a horizontal viewing angle of 94°. The IP66-rated housing protects the camera from harsh weather conditions.

The LR832 supports true day/night recording enhanced with up to 20m of infrared night vision. Imaging technologies such as SenseUp+ and WDR are included to help to improve images captured in challenging lighting conditions.

Overall we feel the LILIN LR832 is a good surveillance choice for monitoring smaller locations like entrance-ways.

Find out more about the LILIN LR832

Samsung Wisenet QNV-7010R outdoor vandal-resistant dome

Samsung Wisenet QNV-7010R

This 4MP dome is most affordable camera on our list. It delivers round-the-clock recording, with integrated LEDs which provide up to 20m of night vision. The Samsung Wisenet QNV-7010R also offers a wide 110° angle of view and a vandal resistant IK10-rated housing.

This model comes with hallway format, which digitally rotates the view, making it perfect for corridors and other narrow areas.

An affordable general outdoor surveillance option.

Learn more about the Samsung Wisenet QNV-7010R

LILIN MR8442X outdoor mini-bullet

Lilin MR8442X

Looking for a cost-effective network camera to provide detailed 24-hour outdoor surveillance? The LILIN MR8442X could be the model for you. This compact bullet supports 2MP recording. While the varifocal lens allows you to set up the optimum field of view during installation.

When recording in the dark or at night, this camera offers up to 30m of IR illumination. Combined with LILIN’s SenseUp technology, this enables the capture of full colour video, even in low light conditions.

This makes the LILIN MR8442X ideal for businesses that require good-quality footage in challenging lighting conditions like underground car parks.

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Axis M3044-V indoor vandal-resistant mini-dome

Axis M3044-V

This Axis mini-dome is a best-seller from 2018. The M3044-V is feature packed, has vandal-resistant housing, HD resolution and support for Axis Corridor Format. This allows it to deliver detailed imaging in narrow locations that may be prone to tampering like hospital corridors or banks.

It also offers Axis Zipstream, a technology which reduces bandwidth and storage – always great news when you’re recording in HD.

This is a compact little camera that packs in lots of features.

Learn more about the Axis M3044-V

Samsung Wisenet QNO-7010R outdoor bullet camera

Samsung Wisenet QNO-7010R

Like the Samsung Wisenet camera above, this outdoor ready bullet camera has a wide field of view of 110°. Perfect for monitoring areas like car parks. This model also comes with built-in infrared LEDs which enhance night vision at a range of up to 20m.

The Samsung Wisenet QNO-7010R delivers 4MP resolution at 20 fps or 2MP at full frame rate. Plus, to keep the bandwidth down, WiseStream technology compresses H.265 by up to 50%.

This model is a cost-effective way of monitoring outdoor areas.

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Vivotek FD8166A indoor ultra-mini dome

Vivotek FD8166A

If you’re looking for a discreet indoor camera, the palm-sized Vivotek FD8166A is a suitable choice. It delivers 24-hour HD 1080p resolution video at up to 30 frames per second. You can also listen in to activity happening close to the camera – thanks to its integrated microphone.

Some other useful functionality includes edge storage, as a backup storage option and privacy masking to stop certain areas of a scene being recorded.

This cost-effective unit is great for discreet indoor monitoring.

Learn more about the Vivotek FD8166A

Panasonic WV-SW175 outdoor pan/tilt

Panasonic WV-SW175

This compact Panasonic IP camera is an ever-popular choice offering reactive surveillance at an affordable price. It’s pan/tilt functionality allows you to remotely adjust the camera and monitor areas of interest in real time. Edge recording, via an SD card, is available either as backup storage or as the primary method of recording.

The Panasonic WV-SW175 includes a microphone for listening to activity close to the device. You also have the ability to connect a speaker for broadcasting messages.

Suitable for providing overviews of wide area such as petrol stations or building entrances.

Find out more about Panasonic WV-SW175

Vivotek IB8369A outdoor bullet camera

Vivotek IB8369A

The Vivotek IB8399A has a fixed 3.6mm lens which offers a 78° field of view. It also provides up to 30m of night vision via it’s integrated IR LEDs. True day/night recording delivers full-colour video in the day, switching to black and white images at night.

Built for outdoor monitoring, the housing is rated to IP66 for weather-proofing and IK10 for vandal resistance. Making it a rugged piece of kit for exposed areas.

This unit is ideal for round-the-clock monitoring, plus it won’t break your budget.

Read more on the Vivotek IB8369A

Axis M2025-LE in/outdoor mini-bullet

Axis M2025-LE in white

The Axis M2025-LE will help you to achieve high quality CCTV footage 24 hours a day. Built-in infrared LEDs provide up to 15m illumination at night. Forensic Capture WDR improves visibility and ensures details are captured in high contrast. In addition, the 115° horizontal angle of view is great for wide area surveillance.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor locations, this tough little unit operates from -30° to +50° and features a sunshield to protect the lens window.

The unobtrusive Axis M2025-LE comes in black or white which could be useful if you want the camera to blend in to specific surroundings.

Find out more on the Axis M2025-LE

So, there you have it, the cameras we’re picking to make a big impact in 2019.

The list above has been created to provide solutions for most small and medium business requirements. If you’ve got any further questions, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to recommend alternatives.

Published on February 25th, 2019 by Network Webcams

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