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Axis Companion – small business solutions

Axis Companion rangeYou may have noticed the addition of ‘small solutions’ to our menu. The full title is small business solutions and it’s where you’ll find the Axis Companion range. Designed to give small businesses a straightforward, professional security surveillance system, the Companion range of cameras and NVRs can be purchased separately or as a system.

What’s in the range?

There are three recorders:

  • 4-port with 1TB of storage which supports 4 cameras
  • 8-port with 2TB of storage for up to 8 cameras
  • 8-port with 4TB of storage for up to 8 cameras

In practice the 4TB unit gives up to two months of footage storage on a typical system.

As it’s designed for small companies the maximum system size is a 16 camera system, i.e. two 8-port recorders connected together.

8 Axis Companion cameras connected to a NVR and router

The range of ten cameras include indoor and outdoor ready products with vandal resistance, infrared or a 360⁰ view. Most provide power over ethernet for the cameras (a wired connection), however the Axis Companion Dome WV and Cube LW have wireless connectivity and are therefore ideal in indoor areas like shops or homes.

Simple set up

Set-up of the system is very simple. The recorder recognises the cameras as soon as the cable, PoE or WIFI signal is picked up. Plus, if your recorder is connected to the internet it downloads and installs the latest firmware for itself and all the cameras attached.

Next, to view the footage from your cameras you’ll need the Companion video management software. The Companion software is a secure way to remotely access the footage from all your cameras in an easy and intuitive interface. You can use this on a desktop, or on tablet and mobile through an app – great for surveillance on the go. To use the software you’ll need to sign into or create an Axis account.

Each camera needs to be set up using the app, to record either continuously or when it detects motion. The recordings can be configured to either an SD card in the camera or a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. The default recording settings are 15fps resolution 1920 x 1080.

If the cameras are to be viewed remotely, i.e. other than on local PC or mobile device attached to WIFI access point, this also needs to be enabled individually via the app.

How does Companion differ from other Axis products?

The main difference between the Companion and the Axis M, P and Q ranges are the feature set and price.

As it’s designed for small businesses Companion cameras and network video recorders are created for common surveillance challenges, so the range is relatively small. This could make it easier to pick the right solution for a small installation.

Price is also a key difference, as the Companion range doesn’t have the advanced features its siblings contain, this means it is more competitively priced. Though, as we’re talking Axis the build quality is still high and they should therefore be expected to last.

Companion, worth it?

For smaller systems from one to sixteen cameras where a straightforward setup and ease of use is important then Companion is ideal. For a competitive price, you can get a robust system which will stand the test of time.

Take a look at the Companion range.

Published on October 3rd, 2018 by Network Webcams

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