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Milestone ‘move hardware’ bug fix available

Blue closed padlocks with one red open padlockA new patch has been released by Milestone to fix a bug which occurs when the ‘move hardware’ functionality is used. The bug deletes all footage from a moved camera without generating an error, ignoring retention and evidence locks.

This effects XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert and Corporate from version 2016 (10.0a) to 2018 R2 (12.2a). The fix for this bug is built into the next release, R3 (12.3a).

How to download the patch

The patch to fix this issue is slightly different depending on which version of XProtect you’re running. Use the links below to go to the Milestone download repository for your version:

If you’re running an older version, then you’ll need to upgrade to at least 2016 R1 before installing the patch.

It’ll take approximately 10 minutes per server to install.

For those customers with Platinum Support, rest assured that we’re already working on this patch as part of your care package.

If you need any help with the installation of the patch and you bought your software through us then our technical helpdesk is available to help.

How does this impact Milestone?

Although finding a bug in software is never ideal, most of us recognise that even the best software contain unforeseen issues, what sets Milestone apart is their willingness to do something about an issue once it’s been found.

One of the reasons we choose to work with Milestone is their attitude to bugs or glitches. They go the extra mile to fix issues for all their customers, in this case providing a fix for customers who purchased up to four years ago – impressive!

Kevin Bowyer, Technical Director

Their transparency in dealing with this issue and pro-actively contacting customers should be applauded.

Published on August 31st, 2018 by Network Webcams

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