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Product video: We take a closer look at the innovative, but affordable Axis M3105-LVE

New demo video for the Axis M3105-LVE IP cameraReleased in response to the IP camera market’s demand for cost-effective infrared (IR) units, the Axis M31 Series has become a popular choice here at Network Webcams. Consisting of indoor and outdoor models with resolutions ranging from HD 720p to 4MP, the range is also the first from Axis to feature an innovative flat-face design to help supress light reflections. With all of this in mind, we thought it would be a great opportunity to feature one of these versatile mini-domes in our latest product video – enter the Axis M3105-LVE.

This compact dome is capable of delivering wide horizontal views (115°) of outdoor locations in full HD 1080p resolution – at up to 25 frames per second (fps). It features advanced imaging technologies such as WDR – Forensic Capture, which helps the camera to capture every detail in both dark and bright areas at the same time – even in poorly lit scenes. It’s also equipped with an integrated, power efficient IR LED that extends the camera’s night-vision range up to 15m. Additionally, using the helpful 3-axis mount system users can set the most optimal viewing angle for their needs during installation.

Other handy features found in the Axis M3105-LVE include: –

  • Innovative flat-faced design – suppresses light reflections to help maximise image clarity when recording in low light.
  • Edge storage – an integrated microSD card slot provides storage at the edge and allows the camera to be used as a standalone unit. We even offer a free 64GB SD card with every Axis IP camera!
  • Axis’ award-winning Zipstream technology – helps to lower bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of up to 50%, ensuring that important details in the image are retained in the video stream, while unnecessary data can be removed.
  • Multi-view streaming – allows 2 areas in the cameras field of view to be cropped and streamed separately for live viewing or recording.
  • Corridor Format – maximises the area of interest in narrow scenes by vertically orientating the video stream and preventing redundant areas from being recorded.
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) – allows the camera to receive power and network connectivity over a single cable, reducing costs and installation time.
  • Axis Companion Application – handy free software that offers basic video management for up to 16 IP cameras. Alternatively, for a more advanced solution, Axis Camera Station is also available – providing support for up to 32 Axis devices per system.

Using footage captured in our testing area, we have created a short demo video that highlights the performance capabilities of the Axis M3105-LVE during the day, night and with infrared enabled. You can view the video below.

When monitoring during the day, the Axis M3105-LVE delivered crisp footage that covered a wide area due to its impressive 115° viewing angle. It’s also worth noting that, even in the rainy conditions, the IP camera was able to retain image clarity and maintain a consistent high frame rate – regardless of the extra data processing required. At night, the M3105-LVE was able to make use of the available light from the far end of the car park – delivering full colour video with relatively low noise. When the built-in infrared is activated, we can see the benefits of the flat-faced design with 15m of even illumination and no spots of overexposure.

We feel that the Axis M3105-LVE is an ideal choice for users that require a cost-effective, high-quality solution for monitoring wide outdoor locations – round-the-clock. The full M31 range is available at Network Webcams and is already proving beneficial in applications such as retail, schools and for residential parking surveillance.

Published on February 21st, 2018 by Network Webcams

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