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Product video: Does the cost-effective Axis M5525-E PTZ deliver great bang for your buck?

New demo video for the Axis M5525-E IP cameraWhen it comes to monitoring large locations, a PTZ IP camera can often provide a more flexible surveillance solution than a fixed IP camera with a wide angle of view. This is due to capabilities such as pan/tilt movements, optical zooming and configurable preset positions – allowing activity to be specifically pinpointed and viewed on-the-fly. However, accommodating these features will usually result in a higher price tag – making PTZ models sometimes unaffordable to the budget-conscious customer. When Axis then announced the release of their cost-effective M5525-E PTZ IP camera, we were eager to put it to the test and show off what we found in our latest product video.

This PTZ dome is capable of delivering Full HD 1080p resolution at up to 25 frames per second, complete with true day/night recording – for 24/7 surveillance. Users can precisely navigate across wide indoor or outdoor areas using the camera’s variable pan/tilt movements (including 360° continuous rotation) – this is particularly helpful when closely monitoring a person or incident. Also, a 10x optical zoom enables real-time investigation into specific regions of interest and 12x digital zooming allows for quick close-ups of the original image to be obtained.

This versatile IP camera supports WDR – Forensic Capture technology which helps to improve images captured in challenging lighting conditions by compensating for bright light and dark shadows – ensuring individuals and objects are clearly visible. Additionally, three scene profiles (forensic, indoor and outdoor) are included that automatically optimise image settings to simplify installation.

A host of additional features found in the Axis M5525-E include: –

  • Zipstream technology – helps to lower bandwidth and storage requirements. It does this by analysing and optimising the video stream in real-time, recording interesting detail in high quality, whilst filtering other areas out.
  • Weather and vandal-resistant – robust, IP66 and IK09-rated housing allows for safe installation in exposed outdoor areas.
  • Audio – the unit can provide two-way audio when a microphone and speaker are connected via an external I/O port (not included), enabling audio recording and verbal interaction through the camera.
  • Edge storage – data can be stored directly to the on-board MicroSD card – serving as a data backup if the network connection is interrupted. Not to forget, we offer a Free 64GB SD card with all Axis IP cameras.
  • I/O ports – external devices can be connected through the camera’s integrated I/O ports to enhance alarm signalling.
  • Power-over-Ethernet – with support for PoE, this camera can receive power and network connectivity over one cable for cost-effective installation.

After collecting footage recorded in our outdoor testing area, we have created a short demo video that you can watch below. It showcases the cameras image quality, pan/tilt/zoom capability’ and also shows video footage in dark conditions.

As evident from the daytime footage, the Axis M5525-E produces highly-detailed images with good colour and balanced exposure. When using the PTZ functionality we were able to easily keep up with the vehicle pulling into the car park, and when zoomed in fully, fine details such as the licence plate information remained crisp and clear. By utilising the available ambient lighting during night-time, the network camera still captured video footage in full colour and noise levels remained at a minimum.

After putting it through its paces, we feel that the Axis M5525-E potentially has an edge over other cost-effective PTZ IP cameras currently available on the market. This can be seen by the inclusion of a high-performance features that you would typically see in Axis’ more professional ranges – giving you more for your money, whilst retaining the high-quality performance you would expect from an Axis IP camera. With this in mind, we feel it would be well-suited to a range of different applications including supermarkets, schools, banks and train stations.

Published on January 25th, 2018 by Network Webcams

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