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Product video: We put the affordable Samsung Wisenet QNO-7080R through its paces

new demo video for the Samsung Wisenet QNO-7080R bullet IP cameraFollowing the arrival of Samsung Wisenet to Network Webcams, we decided to showcase the popular QNO-7080R bullet IP camera in our latest product video. Part of the entry-level ‘Q’ Series, we see this feature-packed unit being an ideal choice if you’re after high quality video surveillance at an affordable price.

The Q-Series consists of a number of cost-effective indoor and outdoor-ready bullet and dome units – all of which feature powerful varifocal lenses and resolutions ranging from 2MP to 4MP. They incorporate all the features that you would expect to see in other affordable ranges such as built-in IR, low-light imaging technology and compression technology. This makes them more than suitable for a numerous amount of applications, for instance car parks, community centres and independent retail stores. To learn more about the Q-series and other ranges available from Samsung Wisenet please see our helpful quick guide.

The IP camera in question (QNO-7080R), boasts a 4 megapixel lens that captures highly-detailed video at up to 20 frames per second (fps), with horizontal viewing angles ranging from 26° to 109°. Configurable, camera-based video motion detection alarms are also available to help alert users of activity via a choice of notification methods including email. IP66-rated and vandal-resistant, this model comes supplied with an adjustable weather shield and the option of a mounting back box – simplifying installation. Additionally, Samsung Wisenet have included their WiseStream technology which helps to lower total bandwidth and storage requirements – keeping costs down.

Other features included in the Samsung Wisenet QNO-7080R are: –

  • Built-in IR LEDs – enables the camera to provide detailed black-and-white video, even in extreme darkness (up to a range of 30 metres).
  • Wide Dynamic Range technology – helps to improve images captured in challenging lighting conditions by compensating for bright light and dark shadows – ensuring individuals and objects are clearly visible.
  • H.265 support – offers further reductions on bandwidth and storage than its H.264 predecessor.
  • Edge storage – an integrated MicroSD card (not included) provides a helpful data backup if the network fails and allows the camera to be used as a standalone unit.
  • Power-over-Ethernet – delivers power and network connectivity to the camera over a single cable for cost-effective installation.
  • Hallway view – maximises the area of interest in narrow scenes by vertically orientating the video stream and preventing redundant areas from being recorded.

Once again, we set up the camera in our outdoor testing location and captured footage during the day, night and with infrared enabled. Check out our demo video below to see how it performed.

Please note that footage was captured at HD 1080p for editing purposes.

As demonstrated by the daytime footage, the QNO-7080R provides clear, finely-balanced images and handles spots of contrasting light well – with minimal overexposure. During night time, the camera switches to black and white mode to preserve image quality. While the vast majority of the image is viewable and has reduced noise levels, the camera did seem to struggle with direct light sources, e.g. street lights. However, this is where having the alternative option of infrared (IR) illumination comes in handy. When IR is enabled, exposure levels are reduced and you are presented with a more even image.

If you are looking for an affordable IP camera that provides detailed images of indoor or outdoor locations round-the-clock; the Samsung Wisenet QNO-7080R bullet, along with its dome equivalent (QNV-7080R) are definitely worth considering. We expect Samsung Wisenet to continue to grow and become our number one low-cost offering.

Published on October 18th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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