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Sony 4K comparison video tells its own story

Sony 4K camera />In the last few years HD 720p and full HD 1080p network cameras have been dominating the higher end of the CCTV market, and they still are. But no doubt you will have heard and read about 4K resolution as the next big thing. The first 4K CCTV cameras came to market in the second half of 2014 and we have been selling a fair few – to the so-called ‘early adopters’. But 4K relies on other <a href=technologies to catch up before we can all enjoy its benefits.

Now, the breakthrough lies around the corner. It is called the Sony SNC-VM772R. First demonstrated to us behind the scenes at IFSEC 2015 in June, Sony seems to have cracked the problems with light-sensitivity (traditionally) inherent with super high-resolution cameras as well as the lens issues that everyone else seems to be struggling with. Plus Sony has come up with a very clever way of reducing bandwidth requirements.

Stay tuned, the ground-breaking Sony SNC-VM772R will be available soon. For now we’ll have to do with a Sony SNC-VM772R 4K comparison video, which tells its own story:

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Published on September 16th, 2015 by Network Webcams

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