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An industry first: Axis IP-based PoE horn speaker

Axis C3003-EAxis has launched the C3003-E horn speaker, a unique product as it is the first IP-based, amplified horn speaker on the market suitable for outdoor use featuring PoE. It is ideal for use alongside IP cameras.

Installation of the unit is easy as audio and power are transmitted through the Ethernet cable and no electrical cabling is needed. Integrated with IP cameras or any major video management system (VMS), a camera can trigger the speaker to play a pre-recorded message in case of trespassing or intruder detection, whereas you can also make verbal announcements from any remote location via your network or the Internet.

With built-in amplification to 121dB (adjustable) the C3003-E has an impressive long range, making it suitable for large sites as well as smaller areas.  IP-based with PoE capability, it can be placed anywhere where you have access to a network. Audio warnings hugely enhance a CCTV system’s effectiveness to deter crime and that’s why this new Axis IP horn speaker is such a welcome addition to the range.

IP66-rated, it’s ideal for applications such as public squares, construction sites and car parks. Users can choose between uploading their own recorded messages or using the out-of-the-box trespassing and emergency messages. To aid installation and set up, the handy Auto Speaker Test automatically checks to see if the speaker is working by providing audio feedback to the system.

Integrating with video management systems and VoIP telephony systems that use SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), users can even use the loudspeaker through a mobile phone.

Watch this video highlighting the key features of the Axis C3003-E and how it works:

The Axis C3003-E IP horn speaker is available for purchase from next week.

Published on April 14th, 2015 by Jessica Brooks

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