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Massive Sony permanent price reductions – up to 40% off

Sony November price dropFrom November 2014, a number of Sony network cameras have been drastically reduced in price, with up to 40% off! The series’ included are the affordable Sony SNC-EB600B series box cameras, the SNC-EM dome cameras, the advanced SNC-VM dome series capable of 60 fps plus the high-end SNC-WR PTZ domes with 30x optical zoom. Incorporating Sony’s high performance IPELA engine processing system and image enhancement technologies, these cameras now offer an even more attractive, feature-rich CCTV solution with models suitable for a diverse range of applications. Find out more about the price drops…

Sony SNC-EB600B series

The SNC-EB600B series indoor box cameras are some of Sony’s most affordable network cameras, delivering full HD capability at 30 frames per second and providing good low light performance with electronic day/night and 3D noise reduction. The HD 720p SNC-EB600B has now been reduced by over 40% to just £238, and the HD 1080p SNC-EB630B is now £211, reduced from £285.

The SNC-EB600B outdoor POE bundle and SNC-EB630B outdoor POE bundle enable these cameras to be used outdoors, providing a cost-effective and easy to install external surveillance solution.

Sony SNC-EM600 series

Featuring varifocal lenses and true day/night functionality, the Sony SNC-EM600 series HD dome cameras provide high quality whilst low-cost 24-hour security monitoring, with adjustable viewing angle for optimum scene capture. Now just £351, the HD 720p vandal-resistant SNC-EM601 has been reduced by almost 10%, whilst the HD 1080p SNC-EM630 has decreased by over £50 to £432. The biggest reduction of the SNC-EM600 series is the vandal-resistant SNC-EM631, also capable of HD 1080p, available now with over £70 off for £471.

Sony SNC-VM600 series

Sony has reduced the price across every model in the high-end SNC-VM600 series. These cameras offer advanced surveillance, capable of HD video at 60 frames per second and therefore ideal for fast-paced environments, city and traffic monitoring. The indoor HD 720p SNC-VM600 has been reduced over £50 to just £408, making it one of the most competitive 60 fps camera in the market.

The rest of the SNC-VM600 domes have all been reduced by up to 20%. The HD 720p indoor and vandal-resistant SNC-VM601 is now £100 cheaper at just £493,  whilst the indoor SNC-VM630 capable of HD 1080p has been reduced to £616 from £757, saving over £140. The indoor and vandal-resistant HD 1080p capable SNC-VM631 has come down to £686,  from £828.

Prices of the SNC-VM600 outdoor infrared domes have also been lowered, providing an attractive solution for 24/7 long-range monitoring and video capture in complete darkness. The HD 720p SNC-VM602R with 30m IR night-vision is now £647, whilst the ruggedised HD 1080p SNC-VM632R, also with 30m IR night-vision, comes in at a competitive £771, reduced by almost £200!

Sony SNC-WR600 series

Sony’s advanced and high-performance SNC-WR600 rapid PTZ domes have seen the biggest reductions during the recent price drop. The models deliver 60 fps HD video capture whilst providing 360° endless panning, 30x optical zoom and 130dB wide dynamic range (WDR) for detailed surveillance of large areas such as stadiums, cities and motorways. The indoor HD 720p SNC-WR600 is now £1991 down from £2221, the outdoor HD 720p SNC-WR602 is reduced from £2522 to £2299, the indoor SNC-WR630 capable of HD 1080p is now £2307 instead of £2560, and the outdoor HD 1080p SNC-WR632 is down £250 to £2685.

All Sony network cameras come with Sony RealShot Manager Lite video management software fully HD compatible with up to 9 cameras, whilst video can also be accessed remotely using Sony’s Smartphone Viewer, which enables smooth real-time viewing and intuitive pan, tilt and zoom control.

View the new lower prices within the full range of Sony IP cameras.

Published on November 26th, 2014 by Jessica Brooks

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