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Using an Axis M3007-P with Axis Camera Station

With the recent release of Axis’ 360°/180° hemispheric dome the M3007-P / M3007-PV we’ve been asked a few times how the fisheye dewarping is achieved in Axis Camera Station, the brand’s main video management and recording software. Axis Camera Station does not natively include any de-warping technology so this processing task is left to the camera. First, some background…

See our First Look blog post on the Axis M3007-PV with sample videos.

The M3007-P delivers multiple view types for recording whether the camera is wall or ceiling mounted and integrates a 5MP sensor with a max resolution of 2592×1944. On top of its 360° fisheye overview image the cameras have a number of dewarped views: 180° panoramic, quad and manually selected view areas. In order to get these different resolutions recording in Axis Camera Station you need to make a choice when adding the camera as to which view to use. The views to select from are as follows:

  1. Overview – a non-dewarped fisheye overview (360°)
  2. Panorama – one dewarped 180° panoramic view
  3. Double panorama – two dewarped 180° panoramic views (ceiling mounted cameras only)
  4. Quad view – Four dewarped 90° views, one for each direction (ceiling mounted cameras only)
  5. View area – a dewarped 90 view with PTZ
  6. View area – a dewarped 90 view with PTZ
  7. View area – a dewarped 90 view with PTZ
  8. View area – a dewarped 90 view with PTZ

When adding the camera to ACS select the most appropriate view for your needs from the list above.

Video example showing the overview image from Axis M3007-PV

Video example showing the panoramic image

Video example showing the camera’s double panorama functionality

Example video showing the camera’s quad view functionality

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below. NW is an Axis Solution Gold Partner.


Published on March 8th, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

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