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Panasonic i-Pro security cameras replace popular predecessors

The Panasonic BB-HCM715 and BB-HCM735 will soon be discontinued. Their successors are part of Panasonic’s i-Pro professional series, offering an improved feature set.

The BB-HCM715 will be replaced by the WV-ST162 and WV-ST165, providing SVGA and HD720p resolution respectively, while for outdoor environments, the WV-SW172 and WV-SW175 replace the BB-HCM735, coming with IP55-rated casing.

All of these security cameras are equipped with wide dynamic range technology, adaptive black stretch and dynamic noise reduction which allow the cameras to capture events even in the most demanding light conditions. Face detection can automatically alter exposure for peak facial definition, perfect for taking security measures where light sources would normally impede image quality.

Compatible with SD cards up to 32Gb, these new Panasonic IP cameras have a longer retention period than the previous model, allowing more footage to be directly stored within the camera itself for recording with no external hardware or for secure backup recording and reviewing. Video streaming has also been improved with both high speed H.264 and MPEG streams available concurrently whilst privacy masking now allows the coverage of sensitive areas within the cameras field of view.

All of these additional features complement the existing cameras features, including motorized pan/tilt, 2-way audio with integrated speaker and mobile phone viewing, making them well-rounded security cameras.

Although the BB-HCM cameras were popular it is clear that these newer models offer the user a much developed IP security camera. We hope that IP technology continues to progress in this way, offering end users the very best value for their money.

Published on March 28th, 2012 by Emily

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