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Y-cam introduces NAS-Ready™

Y-cam has launched a new version of its firmware, 4.21, for its SD and Bullet product ranges. The update brings with it a number of key new features, but the one that really catches the eye is the new NAS-Ready™ system.

Currently, a camera and a Network Attached Storage drive require some kind of go-between, like a computer or third-party software, in order to communicate. With NAS-Ready™, Y-cam cameras can now send video directly to any compatible NAS for capture and storage. This will help to simplify setup and reduce running costs. NAS-Ready™ isn’t shy on the storage side of things either – up to 10,000 video and 10,000 image files can be stored per camera.

Y-cam has thought this system through. Realising that many private residences and small businesses already have a NAS of some description, the NAS-Ready™ technology has been designed to work with any NAS that supports CIFS/SMB. The vast majority of new and existing NAS support the protocol, including well-known manufacturers Apple, HP, Lacie, Netgear, QNAP, Seagate and Western Digital.

The feature makes a lot of sense for Y-cam. As a company, the NAS-Ready™ technology fits in well alongside its focus on cost-effective and simple-to-install security solutions. As well as NAS-Ready™, the firmware update brings with it other features clearly intended to simplify the installation and use of Y-cam products. The most notable of these is the new wireless functionality, which automatically detects the type of encryption your wireless network uses and asks for the appropriate password.

For some the NAS-Ready system might not provide the required level of control and versatility, but for those whose needs are met by this new system, implementing an IP camera solution just got a lot easier.

Published on November 2nd, 2010 by Kevin Bowyer

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