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How to set up Mobotix MxEasy video management software with Mobotix IP cameras

MxEasy is a video management software from Mobotix which works with up to 16 Mobotix IP cameras. Mobotix IP cameras work around a decentralised concept where all processing is performed on the camera itself with storage at the edge. All data is recorded on locally attached (to the camera) storage devices. MxEasy offers an easy way to configure, monitor and play back recordings from multiple Mobotix IP cameras.

This guide walks you through the initial setup wizard which will open when you first run MxEasy. The setup wizard will search for available Mobotix IP cameras on your network, allow you to configure the cameras with a compatible IP address for your network and set security access to MxEasy and the selected cameras.

This guide works on the assumption that the connected Mobotix cameras are unused straight out the box, or are factory reset.

This guide shows the setup of MxEasy with one Mobotix IP camera, but the procedure for multiple Mobotix cameras would be the same.

All cameras need to be on the same network as MxEasy since the program will not work with cameras over the Internet and does not offer remote access.

MxEasy requires the minimum system software (or firmware) of the cameras you’re setting up to be; many features will be unavailable if even one camera does not have the required software. Information on updating the system software on a Mobotix camera can be found at HOWTO: Update the System Software of a Mobotix Camera.

Step 1 – Adding cameras and configuring network addresses

When you first launch MxEasy a wizard will open to help you configure the available Mobotix IP cameras on your local network.

Screenshot of first screen of MxEasy Wizard

The wizard will list any Mobotix cameras on the local network with a coloured dot next to the camera name to indicate the status of the camera.

  • (Yellow) Found – MxEasy has located the camera and is determining its status
  • (Green) Reachable – The Mobotix IP camera is ready to be used by MxEasy
  • (Green padlock) Authentication required – User name and password required for access
  • (Blue) Invalid network – The camera is set on a incompatible IP address for your local network
  • (Red) Error – MxEasy knows the camera is there but for some reason cannot speak to the camera

If your camera has an IP address which is incompatible with your local network then it should show a blue dot next to the name and the IP address will need to be changed.

Screenshot MxEasy change network setup

To change the network address of any Mobotix cameras in the list right click on the name of the camera and select ‘Change network setup’.

Screenshot MxEasy change camera network configuration

A new dialog box will open with options to change the IP address for the selected camera. If your router has (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) you can select ‘Get IP address automatically’ and MxEasy will automatically assign a spare IP for your local network. This can be done for the selected camera or for all the cameras in the list by selecting ‘Apply to all selected cameras’. Alternatively if you know the network address you wish the camera to use you can enter this by selecting ‘Use the following IP address’. Click OK to make the changes to the camera’s IP address.

If MxEasy has configured the IP addresses of your Mobotix IP camera you may wish to note down the changed IP address, so you can access the camera separately in a browser. You can also find out the IP address of a Mobotix camera by holding down the ‘R’ button on the back of the camera.

Once all cameras are reachable click ‘Next’ to continue, a dialogue box will open asking you to confirm you wish to manage the selected cameras, click ’OK’ to continue.

Screenshot MxEasy Wizard reset configuration

Next you are required to reset the cameras to their factory default settings for full compatibility with MxEasy, select ‘Reset all the selected cameras to factory defaults’ and click ‘Next’.

Note: MxEasy does provide the option for retaining the camera’s original settings but you may find that some functions are limited by doing so.

Step 2 – Setting secure master password

Screenshot MxEasy Wizard securing with username and password

The wizard will prompt you to enter a user name and password for camera access. If you enter a user name and password all cameras will restrict access to MxEasy only. This is optional and can be bypassed if the fields are left blank. Click ‘Next’ to continue to the next stage.

Step 3 – Camera reboot and launching MxEasy

The wizard will show an image from the camera and will reboot the camera to apply all configuration settings. When the camera has rebooted and the ‘Please wait…’ dialog window has closed click ‘Next’.

The wizard has now finished setting up the selected cameras. Click ‘Finish’ to exit the wizard and launch MxEasy.

MxEasy screenshot

MxEasy will launch with a camera in the main display window and any additional cameras in the four small display windows to the right.

The initial setup of MxEasy is now complete and you should be able to view images from all your cameras within MxEasy.

Published on August 3rd, 2009 by Simon

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