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Network Webcams Now Offering Pelco IP Cameras

Pelco announcement with Network Webcams partnership

Network Webcams has been chosen by world leading CCTV manufacturer Pelco as one of Pelco’s main routes to market for their new IP camera range. Pelco recognised the leading position Network Webcams holds in the IP CCTV and surveillance marketplace and therefore approached Network Webcams to take on their IP camera products.

“Network Webcams is unique in the industry in that they specialize in IP cameras. We are very pleased that they have made the decision to take on Pelco’s expanding line of IP cameras, including our new Sarix Megapixel technology,” said Alex Doorduyn, Product Marketing Manager at Pelco.

Frank Crouwel, managing director at Network Webcams, commented, “We are very pleased that Pelco approached us and recognises us as a key player. It shows what we have achieved over the last five years, which makes us feel proud.”

Crouwel continued, “We are very keen to work with Pelco, we know their analogue CCTV products well from the past, and the IP product lineup for networked CCTV looks as strong as one would expect from Pelco. We expect Pelco to make quick inroads in the IP video market and we hope to be part of that.”

Pelco is introducing its IP product range as GO IP and offers an aggressive launch discount until 31st October 2009.

Network Webcams is offering its customers the full range of Pelco IP cameras, including the Pelco Camclosures, Sarix Megapixel cameras, and the best-selling Spectra IV IP speed domes. In addition, Pelco’s open platform IP surveillance recording software Digital Sentry will be offered as part of the package.

About Pelco
Pelco, Inc. by Schneider Electric is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video and security systems and equipment ideal for any industry. Pelco produces the security industry’s most respected offering of discreet camera domes and enclosures, video matrix systems, next-generation digital video recorders, IP solutions and fiber optic transmission systems for video/data – and much more. For additional product or company information, please visit www.pelco.com

Buy Pelco IP CCTV cameras and IP surveillance software online at www.networkwebcams.co.uk

Published on June 25th, 2009 by Frank Crouwel

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