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SecuritySpy, comprehensive video surveillance for Mac users now available from Network Webcams

SecuritySpy from Ben Software

We are pleased to announce we have just added a range of product licenses for SecuritySpy on our UK/European store.


SecuritySpy is a CCTV monitoring, recording and playback application developed exclusively for the Mac. By installing the software you will turn your Mac into a professional video surveillance system, compatible with a wide range of devices including network cameras, video encoders, analogue cameras, webcams and digital multiplexers. It will even support the built-in iSight webcam you find in MacBooks.


SecuritySpy has built-in motion detection routines which can be set to record only when movement is detected saving on storage space. A timelapse function is also available for continuous recording if required.

Remote Access

A major benefit of the software is its remote web access capability. The software can be accessed from any remote Mac on the same local network or across the Internet. This provides remote viewing allowing you to keep track of your property from anywhere in the world. SecuritySpy can also be run in a ‘server’ mode allowing other instances of the software to stream video back to a central server. This is useful for large organisations who may be running the software in various departments and want to feed them all back to a central monitoring room.


SecuritySpy comes with a few licensing options and starts at just £29 for a 1-camera license making it ideal for home security. Licenses can be upgraded when needed and a full, unlimited license is also available making the software an ideal solution for your business too. It’s also easy to install and very simple to use.

More information

SecuritySpy – 1 camera license
SecuritySpy – 4 camera license
SecuritySpy – 8 camera license
SecuritySpy – unlimited camera license

Published on June 3rd, 2009 by Greg

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