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Set up Y-cam to send emails using a Gmail account

Y-cam Black mini IP security camera

Here’s a quick how to guide for something we get asked about a lot. How to use your Google Mail (Gmail) account with your Y-cam to send emails.

Almost all IP cameras have some form of email functionality but not all support a secure SSL connection which Google Mail requires. This isn’t normally a problem as the email account details you get from your ISP can be used in most circumstances but for people who want to use Gmail, read on.

This guide will show you the settings to use on the ‘e-Mail Server setup’ page in the Y-cam. How you then use these settings (alarm management, periodic sending) is up to you.

E-Mail Server Setup

Email settings page screenshot from a Y-cam White IP security camera

The settings above should be self explanatory. The SMTP server name and port comes from Google Mail and you must enable both the Secure SSL connection and Authentication for it to work.

Then you must enter your own Gmail account details noting that when it asks for the user name you only use the first part of your Gmail email address.

Then the only important setting is the Receiver mail addresses of which you can enter up to 3. These are the email addresses which will receive the email from the camera.

All other settings are optional but you can see what they are by the entries we have used above.

If you find you can’t get the camera to send an email using the settings above then it could be the ISP is not allowing it. Some ISPs won’t let you use any other SMTP server other than their own (British Telecom BT are a good example of this). For these cases simply use the SMTP server details from your ISP in the camera (normally minus SSL and Authentication being enabled).

If you have any questions or feedback please leave comments below.

Published on March 19th, 2009 by Greg

4 Responses to “Set up Y-cam to send emails using a Gmail account”

  1. Greg Innes says:


    Try adjusting the sensitivity of motion or setting up motion detection windows so that areas which are constantly moving are excluded.

    Anything that can reduce the number of 'false' alarms will reduce the number of emails generated.

  2. Dean says:

    This works great with gmail, intact too well. Google deactivate my account after every 500 messages as they thing the msgs are spam sends. it stays in this state for a day or so.

    Anyone know a way to stop gmail thinking the y-cam is generating spam?

  3. Greg Innes says:


    Try using the above guide to use your Google mail account to send emails to your AOL account.

  4. mike says:

    okay…I know this sounds ridiculous….but

    If I am using aol as my account to send emails what do I have to do differently to set it up? or do I use Google mail to send to my aol account….