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Does Faster Broadband Herald Better Remote CCTV?

Virgin 50Mb broadband service

With major UK providers beginning to roll out broadband services at speeds which most of the rest of the developed work have been able to access for years, CCTV can expect a brighter future, one where CCTV isn’t closed any more, but is seriously open.

Nowadays, people and businesses buying IP cameras want to be able to access those cameras from wherever they are. They want their security and peace of mind on their terms. Faster broadband services mean faster access over the web to your CCTV cameras. That’s the theory anyway.

With Virgin’s recent 50Mb fibre service it was hoped things would change. However, the critical part of any remote CCTV system is the upstream bandwidth available and in this case while the downstream data jump was considerable, the upstream was limited to 1.5Mbp/s. Whilst this is still pretty good when compared to other providers, try watching 4 simultaneous cameras at VGA resolution from your hotel room and you’ll soon be wondering what all the fuss was about.

BT’s 21CN services should mean even faster upload speeds and indicates that the pace of growth is still towards faster broadband all-round, both in the down and upstreams.

Here’s an interesting idea BT and Virgin, why not offer a service with poor download speed but nice, fast upload connectivity? Surely there’s a valid business case for this with CCTV systems alone? It would be easy to prevent the hosting of nefarious websites from cheap broadband connections in this way and you wouldn’t have to worry about peer-to-peer downloaded spoiling the show.

Does faster broadband herald better CCTV? Yes it does, but the progress is painfully slow.

Published on January 16th, 2009 by Kevin Bowyer

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