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Glossary: IP Camera Software Development Kit (SDK)

A Software Development Kit or SDK is a library of code used for creating applications, usually on specific platforms, to work with a specific IP camera, or range of IP cameras. With IP security cameras SDKs usually consist of code designed to access and retrieve images from a camera over the network, or to alter settings. SDKs are similar to Application Programming Interfaces (API) in that they allow remote communication with IP CCTV cameras, but SKDs differ in that they are created to allow camera-native communication to be embedded into proprietory applications.

Included with an SDK is full descriptive literature describing how the code works, how it should be used and often includes working examples to help developers understand how to integrate the code with their own. SDKs tend to cover an entire range of devices but may contain code chunks which are specific to one particular model.

Most IP camera SDKs are very tightly controlled by the manufacturer, often requiring registration and the signing of non-disclosure agreements to protect their software and intellectual property.

Published on December 1st, 2008 by James Drinkwater

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