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Bi-directional Audio

2-Way audio, or Bi-directional audio is a relatively new feature for many IP cameras, enabling the security operator not only to listen to sounds at the camera, but also to transmit audio to the camera. By connecting external speakers to the camera, operators can talk via the camera, giving instructions or warnings to intruders, or even play pre-recorded audio sequences such as barking dogs, police sirens etc.

Bi-directional audio opens up a whole range of opportunities and improvements to surveillance. Control room operators can now interact with an intruder while capturing their actions, buying valuable time to capture identities and further critical evidence for prosecution.

No only this, but 2-way audio makes network cameras idea video conferencing tools, video or weblog recording devices and even permanent office-to-office communication tools. The possibilities are huge.

Published on August 19th, 2008 by Kevin Bowyer

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