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Panasonic BB-HNP15 Trial Software. Still No Sign.

We’ve been in discussion with Panasonic over the last week trying to gather some information about whether or not the latest version of their Network Camera Recorder software, BB-HNP15 will be available to ‘try before you buy’.

Here is an update of what we know so far:

  • Panasonic will be offering both versions (the other verion in BB-HNP11) side-by-side. Therefore BB-HNP15 does not actually replace the previous version, instead it offers support for the new features found in their latest camera models.
  • Panasonic have informed us that they cannot currently offer a free trial of the BB-HNP15 software from their website due to licensing issues connected to the MPEG-4 license agreement.
  • Panasonic have also told us that trial versions of BB-HNP15 will be shipping with the appropriate models of camera by the end of the year. The models supported will be their domestic BL and BB ranges excluding the BL-C1 and BL-C20. Until then these cameras will still ship with a free 1-camera license of BB-HNP11. The downside is that this trial version will be a single camera version but contain watermarks on all recorded images stating it is for demo purposes only. To fully utilise the new software means having to purchase the licensed version, even if you only have one camera. BB-HNP11 software will still continue to be available for download from the Panasonic website but this won’t contain any of the additional features such as MPEG-4 or megapixel recording.

We think this is messy and inconsistent, and unfortunately may lead to confusion and customer upset. We would like to see our customers being able to benefit from the new functionality of the trial software if they have purchased a camera with these available features, just like they can with the existing HNP11 software.

We will continue post any updates as soon as we have new information.

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Published on September 7th, 2007 by Greg

2 Responses to “Panasonic BB-HNP15 Trial Software. Still No Sign.”

  1. Greg says:

    The trial version of BB-HNP15 is now included with every BB or BL-series Panasonic IP camera.

  2. ROY says:

    I want the trail version of BB-HNP15 to try