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Differences Between Milestone XProtect Basis+ and XProtect Professional

Milestone XProtect Basis+ Milestone XProtect Professional

If you are looking for a Milestone recording solution are but not sure which package suits your needs then take a moment to consider our guide to the key differences between Milestone XProtect Basis+ (update: discontinued) and Milestone XProtect Professional.

Small Basis+ logo Small professional logo
Business Size
Suitable for small/home office security Suitable for small/home office as well as small-medium sized business
Maximum Number of Cameras
Up to 25 cameras Up to 64 cameras
Archiving to Network Drives
Archive to local drives only Archive to local and network drives
Maximum Camera Playback
Playback up to 25 cameras simultaneously Playback up to 64 cameras simultaneously
Number of Supported Audio Channels
1 Supported Audio Channel Support for Multiple Audio Channels
Number of Available Presets
Number of available presets: 25 Number of available presets: 50 (25 displayed, 25 hidden)
Preset Guard Patrolling
No support for Guard Patrolling Guard Patrolling supported for PTZ cameras
Camera Scanning
No support for Camera Scanning Camera Scanning supported for compatible PTZ models
Output Port Control (Device Specific)
No output port control for compatible devices Output ports can be controlled for compatible devices
Matrix Support
Does not support XProtect Matrix Supports XProtect Matrix (included)
Floating Hotspot
Cannot use a floating hotspot window Hotspot can be displayed in a floating window
Smart Search
No smart search facility Smart search function supported
Export as Native Database
Export as image and movie files only Export as image, movie files as well as export as native database files
Export Encryption
No export encryption supported When exporting recordings the video content can be encrypted and password protected
PDA Client
Does not include XProtect PDA Client XProtect PDA Client included
Max Number of Remote Clients
Max no. of simultaneous clients using remote/smart client applications: 1 Max no. of simultaneous clients using remote/smart client applications: 5
Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA)
XProtect Basis+ does not come with a PMA. To upgrade there are trade-in options XProtect Professional will come with a 1 year PMA (can be extended after one year). This keeps your software covered, allowing you to download future upgrades free of charge


The key points to consider are:

  • Storage: Using XProtect Basis+ limits the storage capacity for your cameras to the local drive. It actually stores the archives for your recordings in the same location as the daily recording and doesn’t provide flexibility when selecting an archive location. If you are using megapixel cameras we advise you look at XProtect Professional for more flexible archiving options.
  • Remote Viewing: XProtect Basis+ limits the number of remote viewers using either a remote client or a smart client to 1. If you require more than one person in your organisation to have remote access to the recording server then you should be looking at XProtect Professional.
  • Guard Patrols: Guard patrolling is when a pan-tilt-zoom camera will automatically move between different preset positions based on a pre-determined schedule (say, move every 60 seconds). This feature is only available in XProtect Professional and is not supported in XProtect Basis+

For small/home businesses XProtect Basis+ should be adequate but for anything larger you should be looking at XProtect Professional for a full IP camera solution for security recording and CCTV.

For more information visit:

XProtect Basis+

Update: Milestone Basis+ has been replaced by Milestone XProtect Essential.

XProtect Professional

1 Camera License
Milestone XProtect Professional base licence

Published on September 6th, 2007 by Greg

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  1. asad says:

    please send me latest information of milestone
    specially xprotect smart and remote clients
    and all about the milestone software.