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Axis has launched a new range of indoor dome cameras called the M42 series. So what’s new? First and foremost all cameras in the range have a varifocal lens, and with this Axis has positioned the M42 series in-between the lower cost fixed lens cameras and the more expensive Axis P series with varifocal lens. In essence, Axis has filled a gap in their portfolio and now has a more attractive offering against the competition in this part of the market.

M42 Series - Key Characteristics

There are six models in the new M42 range. They all share core characteristics but differ in some areas to suit different uses. First, the shared characteristics:

  • As said, all M42 cameras feature a varifocal lens
  • They all share the same compact-sized, dome form factor
  • All of the cameras benefit from Remote Focus and Zoom, a very handy feature that helps with precise image set up
  • A Deep Learning Processing Unit (DPLU) is on-board the cameras delivering improved detection and recognition capabilities using AI-driven technology
  • The whole range offers wide dynamic range (WDR) down to 110dB, providing clear imagery in backlit conditions or scenes with stark light contrasts
  • Axis’ Zipstream technology is present for the optimum balance between shrinking the file size (compression) and maintaining forensic quality (image usability)
  • Key for cybersecurity, the M42 dome range is protected by Axis Edge Vault, Axis’ platform that is based on cryptographic computing and system-on-chip (SoC) security, including secure boot, signed firmware, signed video images, secure keystore and device ID
  • HDMI output is available, enabling a direct connection from the camera to a monitor, which is useful in situations where a public video display is required, at for example entrances in retail, public venues or health care settings
  • All units are impact-resistant to the IK08 rating

The M42 core feature set makes the cameras suitable for a wide variety of indoor applications.

What are the differences between the M42 models?

To help you choose which M42 model would be right for you, the below table sets out the differences in a simple overview.

Differences between M42 models Axis M4215-V
Axis M4215-V
Axis M4215-LV
Axis M4215-LV
Axis M4216-V
Axis M4216-V
Axis M4216-LV
Axis M4216-LV
Axis M4218-V
Axis M4218-V
Axis M4218-LV
Axis M4218-LV
Resolution 2 megapixel 2 megapixel 4 megapixel 4 megapixel 8 megapixel (4K) 8 megapixel (4K)
Horizontal viewing angle (wide to narrow) 93° - 47° 93° - 47° 100° - 45° 100° - 45° 93° - 47° 93° - 47°
Built-in infrared LED - Yes, OptimisedIR - Yes, OptimisedIR - Yes, OptimisedIR
Lightfinder Yes Yes Yes Yes - -

Which M42 model is right for me?

The first key question to ask would be: do I need CCTV monitoring in complete darkness? If yes, then either the M4215-LV, M4216-LV or M4218-LV would be required. If no, then one of the other three models will be suitable.

Then, the second question will narrow it to down to the model right for you: How large is the area I want to monitor, and how much image detail do I require? I.e. what resolution do I need for my operational requirement? This is a more difficult question to answer. If you want to answer this accurately you will need to do what is called a pixel density calculation, for which there are design tools available. Contact us if you’d like us to help you with this.

A more rule of thumb kind of approach would be the bigger the area you’re looking to cover, the higher the resolution required to maintain the detail in the image. For example, at a building entrance or in a reception area a 2 megapixel model is probably good enough, the same in a restaurant or an open plan office. Going up to 4 megapixel would typically be suitable for say a sports hall, a large seating area, e.g. in an airport, or a larger entrance such as in a shopping centre. 4K, which is 8 megapixel resolution, would be suitable for larger areas still, for example in warehousing or large work floors. But please remember, these examples are just a rough guide. It is always better to be sure. So please contact us if you’d like help with your product selection.

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