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Axis Camera Station Core Licence Change

Axis Camera Station - Core device licences for Axis, Universal for Non-AxisThe maximum device limit has been removed from Axis Camera Station 5 (ACS 5) Core device licences. This is good news as it makes ACS 5 more flexible, it simplifies the licence structure and the cost has stayed the same.

Created for small to medium sized businesses, Axis Camera Station enables companies to monitor and record from cameras and supports integration with access control and speakers, all from one interface. There’s also a mobile app, for monitoring on the go.

As with most Axis products it’s easy to set up and use, with a setup wizard to guide you through camera integration as well as smart search to make finding an incident simple.

When you add in a new camera, or other internet enabled device, this requires a licence. The licensing system for Axis Camera Station 5 is split between core and universal licences.

Previously each Axis device needed a core licence (up to a threshold of 32 Axis devices) and once the system reached 32 Axis devices a universal licence was required for each additional device.

This is now simplified to:

Device manufacturer Licence type
Axis Core
Other manufacturer Universal

This change makes it much easier to pick the right licence when you need to increase the size of your ACS 5 system.

There’s no change to the Axis Camera Station S10 and S20 recorders, which include universal licenses.

If you’re registered with Axis, you can review your current licences by visiting the Axis Licence Portal.

Both Core and Universal eLicences are available to purchase online at Network Webcams. If you need further advice about Axis Camera Station licences, just get in touch.

Published on September 1st, 2018 by Network Webcams

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