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Standout PTZ with IR – Axis Q6125-LE

Axis Q6125-LE PTZ cameraAs the latest offering in the Axis Q61 series known for its feature rich solutions which work well in demanding applications – great things were expected of the Q6125-LE.
We weren’t disappointed!

As one of a small number of pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras with infrared (IR), Q6125-LE may seem at first glance to be similar to its competitors, so what does it offer to differentiate it?

Discrete night monitoring

With many infrared cameras a red glow is clearly visible in darkness, however with the Q6125-LE panels hide the red glow making it undetectable to the naked eye, great for high security areas. The camera also boasts an IR range of 200m (656 ft) or more. Take a look at the video below to see the camera in action.

This camera contains Lightfinder which generates lifelike colours in low light conditions, to help clarify scenes with poor lighting.

Clear views, whatever the weather

With the unique Axis Sharpdome, as well as offering 360⁰ views, you can also look up to 20⁰ above the position of the camera. This makes it ideal for large installations like cityscapes, prisons or perimeter monitoring.

Focus recall utilises the integrated laser to measure the distance between the camera and the area of interest, enabling a faster focus than traditional PTZs. This means the unit is always optimally focused and delivers clear images.

If the camera view gets obscured by rain, speed dry shakes the unit at high speed to disperse water which keeps the camera sending useable images in all weather.

Processing power

All these features require high processing power to be able to deliver quality images. Axis deliver this through their unique chips developed in-house.

To reduce bandwidth and storage requirement this camera contains Zipstream, Axis’ award winning compression technology. Offering up to 50% reduction in bandwidth, this helps to reduce storage costs.

Available in stock from Network Webcams, we see the Axis Q6125 as the perfect solution for demanding applications which require sharp images day and night. For a demonstration of the features of this camera in action, take a look at the Axis video below.

Published on July 24th, 2018 by Network Webcams

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