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What makes the Axis M5525-E our fastest-selling PTZ?

Axis M5525-E overlooking shopping centreWhen the Axis M5525-E was listed on Network Webcams in October 2017, it certainly created a bit of stir; a feature-packed PTZ camera in Axis’ affordable “M” range and crucially, below the £1000 price-point. Having a PTZ camera in this competitive price bracket was a first for Axis and despite the unit being priced towards the top end, we anticipated it would be popular.

A few months on, and the M5525-E is proving to even more popular than we initially expected. We put the camera through its paces in January this year and created a demo video which has only increased the rate at which it flies off the shelves.

The M5525-E is not the only outdoor PTZ on our store below £1000 – there are often a couple of other units available from different manufacturers that will appeal to the budget-conscious buyer, but the Axis model is still winning users over. What is it that they’re prepared to pay another couple of hundred pounds for? What is setting this PTZ camera apart from others below £1000?

We can reveal it’s quite simply – ease.

Ease of installation and ease of use is something that Axis does well. The inventor of the world’s first network camera has learnt more than a thing or two over the last couple of decades about making things easy.

Ease – the big benefit

Yes, the Axis M5525-E is packed with features. Crisp HD 1080p resolution images at full frame rate, 10x optical zoom, a tough outdoor-ready housing, endless 360° pan and even support for two-way audio. This unit’s nearest rivals do have similar features, but where the M5525-E stands out, is how customers benefit from the Axis approach to making things easy.

We find that most customers looking for the versatility of a PTZ camera, that’s still affordably priced, are certainly looking for a straight forward solution. They’re typically installing the unit themselves or they have someone in their organisation charged with doing so, and the wide selection of mounting options and accessories that Axis offers are all designed with ease-of-installation in mind.

When it comes to getting the camera up and running, Axis really has made things simple. The Axis Companion application is free and removes the need for network or router configuration – the setup wizard allows for the quick addition and configuration of up to 16 Axis IP cameras. Forget scratching your head trying to understand port-forwarding!

In terms of user-friendliness, the Axis Companion application is way ahead of the competition. Our technical support team is familiar with many of the manufacturer-supplied video management software applications on the market and they really do vary in their ease of use. The advantage that Axis has is that their software development is mature and very well-supported. It means the user-interface is well designed, it’s tested on different browsers and mobile devices, and it’s updated and improved regularly. The benefit of this should not be underestimated when you’re in a hurry to remotely access recorded video footage in response to something that’s occurred at your business premises during the night!

It’s clear to us that ease is the big benefit for many customers and it’s something that’s worth paying an extra couple of hundred pounds for.

Check out the demo video for the Axis M5525-E below.

Published on May 14th, 2018 by Network Webcams

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