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Quick guide to the Samsung Wisenet Q, X and P Series

Samsung Wisenet Q, X and P SeriesThe introduction of Samsung Wisenet to Network Webcams sees the arrival of three, feature-packed ranges: The Q, X and the P Series. Each series includes a wealth of interesting features and technologies which help to provide reliable CCTV monitoring solutions for a variety of different applications and budgets.

To give you a better idea of which series may be the best match for your requirements, we have created this handy table. It shows a handful of key features for each series.

  Q series X series P series
Resolution 2MP & 4MP models 2MP & 5MP models Up to 12MP
IR range* Up to 30m Up to 50m Up to 200m
Wide Dynamic Range 120dB Up to 150dB* 120dB
Audio 1-way 2-way 2-way
Edge storage Single SD card Dual SD card Single SD card
Video analytics Intelligent video analytics Advanced video analytics Intelligent video analytics
Smart compression WiseStream WiseStream II WiseStream

* model dependent

To help you learn a little more about these series, here’s a break-down of what’s on offer in each.

Q Series – great bang for your buck

If you are searching for an ‘all-round’ IP camera with a price tag that isn’t going to break the bank, then look no further than the Samsung Wisenet Q Series. This entry-level camera range includes both indoor and outdoor-ready bullet and dome units. All of which deliver 4 megapixel resolution at up to 20 frames per second (fps), or smooth 2MP video at full frame rate and feature up to 30m of infrared night vision (model dependent).

The units all include popular imaging technologies such as ‘True WDR (wide dynamic range)’ and noise reduction to help improve image clarity in challenging light conditions, and feature Samsung Wisenet’s own image rotation function ‘Hallway View’. This handy technology digitally rotates the video stream to help maximise the area of interest in narrow scenes such as shopping aisles and doorways. Basic video motion detection alarms are also supported and all units are capable of one-way audio with the connection of an external microphone. On top of this, Samsung Wisenet’s own compression technology ‘WiseStream’ is included to help reduce bandwidth and storage requirements.

By including all the features commonly seen in other affordable IP camera ranges and delivering feature-packed IP cameras at an attractive price, Samsung Wisenet has become a strong contender among crowded competition for the budget-conscious buyer.

X Series – high-performance at all times

For those looking for ‘next-level’ performance, the fully-featured Samsung Wisenet X Series could be the one to tick all the boxes. Consisting of two different megapixel camera line-ups; one capable of delivering 5 megapixel resolution at full frame rate, and the other capturing smooth 2 megapixel video at up to 60 fps.

The X Series includes box, dome, bullet and PTZ models – all of which feature the new Wisenet 5 chipset that offers higher-performance and improved imaging capabilities. Each camera includes powerful 150dB WDR, image stabilisation using built-in gyro sensors, as well as improved low-light sensitivity. IR units are available, and specific models can provide clear night-time images up to a distance of 50 metres (model dependent). On top of this, two-way audio is also supported throughout the range and dual SD card slots provide up to 512GB of local storage.

Video motion detection alarms help to provide reliable security monitoring and a variety of advanced video analytics are also available such as heat mapping, loitering detection and audio analytics – helping to provide more of an insight into scene activity. Finally, compared to H.264 technology, Samsung say bandwidth efficiency can be improved up to 99% when using a combination of their latest WiseStream II technology and H.265 compression. We don’t doubt the reduction in bandwidth will be significant but we’re not sure how often it will get to 99% in “real-life” scenarios. Samsung Wisenet X Series camera familyNevertheless, smart compression technology is well worth having.

With the inclusion of their latest technologies and performance enhancements, the X Series is a powerful range of cameras that we see being an attractive choice for customers who want to get the highest level of functionality from their IP camera.

P Series – get the full picture

When monitoring larger locations, you want to ensure all areas can be seen in the highest possible detail – particularly if footage is ever required for evidential purposes. Samsung Wisenet’s premium P Series can capture detail-packed 4K resolution video at up to 20 fps, or 8 megapixel images at full frame rate. This professional series includes a comprehensive range of bullet, dome, PTZ, 360° fisheye and multi-sensor units. Seven of the eight models in the range also feature built-in infrared LEDs, which provide enhanced night vision ranging from 15m to 200m (model dependent).

The P Series features all the necessary technologies required for reliable CCTV surveillance, alongside some additional extras which ensure the capture of clear details in a variety of lighting conditions. Powerful ‘True WDR’ is supported, as well as P-iris technology which adjusts the iris opening to optimise image quality in locations with constantly changing light. Digital Auto Tracking is also available to automatically detect and follow moving objects.

As impressive as this sounds, Samsung Wisenet describe this technology as ideal for tracking objects in ‘low traffic areas’, which hints to us that high levels of activity may reduce the overall effectiveness of this technology. Having said this, having auto tracking available in these mid-range cameras is handy feature. WiseStream technology dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression according to movements in the image. This powerful technology is especially handy in the P Series as it can help to significantly reduce the large bandwidth and storage levels often produced by high-resolution IP cameras.

With a high-performance feature-set and support for 4K resolution, we think the Samsung Wisenet P series will deliver highly effective solutions for those requiring the capture of high-quality, detail-packed video footage.

The Samsung Wisenet Q, X and P Series are now available at Network Webcams. All models are compatible with Milestone, and a range of Samsung Wisenet NVR’s are also available for use with any camera in the three series – allowing you to create a reliable CCTV monitoring and recording solution. We feel the Q, X and P Series are well suited to a wide range of different applications and expect to see the Samsung Wisenet brand increasingly being considered as an alternative to the likes of Hikvision, LILIN and Vivotek.

Published on August 8th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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