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Milestone XProtect Express and Professional licences and upgrades

Milestone XProtect Express and ProfessionalAs you may be aware, Milestone has recently added two new products to their ‘business-ready’ Video Management Software (VMS) range – XProtect Express+ and Professional+.

This is an exciting development for small to medium-sized systems because these two new products are built on the same software architecture as their more advanced variants, Expert and Corporate. Not only does this mean users benefit from extra features such as full alarm management, support for multi-layer maps, and hardware accelerated Video Motion Detection (VMD) for higher system performance, they can also easily migrate from Express+ to Professional+, Expert, or Corporate.

These new XProtect “+” products are undoubtedly the way to go for new systems – it’s a sound investment for any organisation because the VMS is scalable to meet the needs of a surveillance system that grows over time.

But what’s the situation for users running the original XProtect Express or Professional?

We do think it’s worth users considering moving from their original Express / Professional system to Express+ / Professional+ because they’ll get a much better experience all round, but there is unfortunately no simple upgrade path. Even though these products are similarly named, priced and have comparable feature-sets, that’s where the similarities end because their different code base means it’s a fresh install – there’s no simple upgrade wizard here!

Milestone has stated that the original XProtect Express and Professional products will continue to have new features rolled out. So, existing users will continue to be supported and for new users, we recommend starting out with the new XProtect “+” products instead. It’s for this reason that the XProtect Express and Professional base licences have now been discontinued on our store – just the camera / device licences are available to support customers already running these systems.

Users with an existing Milestone Care Plus package who want to move to Express+ / Professional+ can trade-in their Express / Professional licences for 100% purchase credit, so they only need to pay the difference in licence price to purchase upgraded licences.

Moving over to Express+ / Professional+ is definitely worth doing but we understand that some users may be unsure about completing the migration themselves. Fortunately, we have certified Milestone Engineers on our technical team that can assist – get in touch if you’d like further advice or a quotation for us to complete the migration of your system.

Published on June 15th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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