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Axis Camera Station now supports 100 channels

The Video Management Software (VMS) from Axis, Axis Camera Station, has been upgraded and now supports up to 100 connected video channels. This increase in capacity is double the amount of IP cameras or video encoder channels that could be used previously.

This is great news for existing users of Axis Camera Station who are nearing the previous limit of 50 connected devices. If your support license is currently valid you will be able to upgrade your system and start adding more cameras straight away. Axis Camera Station installations outside the support period can be upgraded by buying a support extension.

And we are pleased to see that Axis has kept the price of their recording product unchanged.

Published on March 8th, 2012 by Emily

One Response to “Axis Camera Station now supports 100 channels”

  1. Mark says:

    good Day,

    How many camera can view in 1 monitor?is there any option for display to view in 3 monitor because we have to install 49 camera and i want to display it in 3 different monitor,1 for viewing and 1 for PTZ.