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Axis Q6318-LE outdoor PTZ with 4K resolution, 1/2" sensor, 360° pan, 31x optical zoom, 200m OptimisedIR & laser focus

£3,598.80 inc VAT
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This powerful PTZ camera is packed with advanced features such as 360° endless pan, 31x optical zoom, laser focus, OptimisedIR and Autotracking 2 for comprehensive and proactive surveillance of large, busy outdoor areas.

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Varifocal lens: 2.3° - 58.5° field of view
  • 360° pan and 31x optical zoom
  • 1/2" sensor for improved imaging
  • 200m OptimisedIR illumination
  • Axis 5-year warranty
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Overview of the Axis Q6318-LE

  • Captures crisp 4K UHD resolution video at up to 30 fps
  • Varifocal lens offers views between 2.3° and 58.5°
  • High-speed PTZ functionality with 360° endless pan and 31x optical zoom
  • Precise Autotracking 2 capabilities
  • Axis 5-year warranty
  • Dimensions: Ø 239 x 261

High-quality and powerful, the feature-packed Axis Q6318-LE PTZ dome captures sharp 4K UHD resolution video at full framerate – 24 hours a day. Equipped with a larger ½” sensor, allowing more light per pixel and providing higher quality footage with reduced noise levels – especially in low light conditions. The unit also includes long-range OptimisedIR LEDs that illuminate up to 200m around the camera in complete darkness. OptimisedIR is also designed to automatically adjust to the camera’s movements, avoiding reflections and glare and ensuring the entire field of view is evenly lit. The unit also features a built-in laser for quick and precise focusing – even in challenging light conditions.


For proactive and comprehensive surveillance, this advanced camera has an impressive range of movement with 360° endless pan, 70° tilt and 31x optical zoom (including quick-zoom), providing detailed monitoring of large outdoor spaces. The unit’s varifocal lens also allows optimum scene coverage to be set between 2.3° and 58.5° during installation. When a moving object is detected in the camera’s view, Axis Digital Autotracking 2 can be used to zoom in and follow the object for greater scene awareness. Whilst an object is being tracked, the application also continues to monitor the entire field of view, and when a second moving object is detected the viewing area is adapted to include all moving objects. To protect the camera from cyber-attacks and unauthorised access, a range of built-in cybersecurity features are included to mitigate the risks and combat vulnerabilities in the surveillance system. A FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified Trusted Platform Module (TPM) keeps cryptographic keys and certificates secure from data breaches, whilst signed firmware and secure boot block unauthorised firmware and malicious code from entering the system.


In addition to the camera’s larger sensor, and long-range IR illumination, a number of imaging technologies are included to also improve the quality of footage in challenging conditions. Forensic WDR is optimised for areas with high levels of movement, as Axis’ most advanced WDR technology, it balances out lighting and reduces visible noise and artefacts in high-contrast scenes, making it easier to identify objects and people in difficult lighting. Also equipped with Sharpdome, the camera can produce sharp, focused footage across the entire field of view. This innovative technology minimises reflections on the dome for full image clarity, regardless of the tilt or pan angle. Moreover, the footage is kept stable and free from motion blur, even when the camera is moving, thanks to electronic image stabilisation (EIS) – allowing smooth object tracking and zooming.

Video analytics

This state-of-the-art unit features a wide range of intelligent analytics including Axis Object Analytics (AOA), Motion Guard, Fence Guard and Loitering Guard. AOA can accurately detect and classify humans and vehicles, allowing specific event triggers and alarms to be set, based on object classes for more nuanced detection and enhanced scene awareness. Motion, Fence and Loitering Guard enable alarm triggers to be configured when a moving object is detected, crosses a line or dwells in the viewing area for a set length of time – sending email notifications or triggering recording to the onboard SD card, ensuring no important events are missed. Custom analytics applications are available to download through Axis’ Camera Application Platform (ACAP) for a tailored analytics solution if more specific detection is required.

Video management

There are several options for video management on this camera, Axis’ free Companion Application is available for small installations of up to 16 cameras, providing basic management options and remote access to both live and recorded video. In more advanced setups, a paid VMS solution may be more appropriate. This camera is compatible with both Axis Camera Station and Milestone XProtect and can be easily added to an existing system. Furthermore, support for edge storage is included, allowing recordings to be written to a MicroSD card (not included) – serving as a backup in the event of network failure.


Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, encased in IP66/67-rated housing and featuring Axis’ Speed Dry functionality, the Q6318-LE still provides clear, high-quality video in inclement weather such as rain, snow or high winds. With arctic temperature control, the unit is able to start up in temperatures as low as -40°C and two temperature zones are available to save energy when it is needed most – ideal when using solar panels or batteries to power the camera. As well as being weather-resistant, the camera’s housing is also IK10-rated to protect from tampering and vandalism in exposed and busy areas. Power and network connections can be streamlined using the unit’s built-in 60W PoE+ switch, enabling both connections to be made through a single cable, saving installation time and equipment costs.

Key features & benefits

  • Delivers sharp 4K UHD resolution video at up to 30 frames per second
  • Equipped with a varifocal lens that offers a 2.3° - 58.8° field of view
  • Full PTZ capabilities with 360° endless pan, 70° tilt and 31x optical zoom
  • Larger ½” sensor improves image quality in low-light conditions
  • Automatically adjustable long-range OptimisedIR LEDs provide up to 200m of illumination
  • Precise focusing is possible with a built-in laser
  • Objects can be detected and followed around the viewing area with Axis Digital Autotracking 2
  • A range of cybersecurity features protect the camera from data breaches and unauthorised access
  • Forensic WDR is optimised for motion and improves footage captured in high-contrast conditions
  • Sharpdome technology reduces reflections on the dome when panning and tilting
  • EIS stabilises footage when the camera moves
  • Accurate object detection and classification are possible with Axis Object Analytics
  • Event triggers can be set, based on movement, line crossing and dwell times with Motion, Fence, and Loitering guard applications
  • ACAP provides a library of custom analytics for a more tailored monitoring solution
  • A handy backup can be formed in the event of network failure with the onboard SD card (card not included)
  • IP66/67 protection and Speed Dry functionality safeguard the camera from the effects of harsh weather conditions
  • Arctic temperature control allows the camera to start up in temperatures as low as -40°C
  • Multiple temperature zones enable energy savings when required
  • IK10-rated casing makes the unit suitable for deployment in areas prone to vandalism
  • Both network and power can be delivered through a single cable with PoE+

Typical applications

Equipped with full PTZ capabilities, laser focus, advanced analytics and long-range OptimisedIR, this innovative camera is ideal for use in large, busy outdoor areas that require precise and proactive monitoring around the clock. Typical applications include city surveillance, stadiums and amusement parks.



  • Installation guide
  • Windows decoder 1-user license
  • 60W midspan (including power cable)
  • IP66-rated network connector
  • Repaint template
  • Paint paper

Optional (please select from the accessories tab if required):

  • MicroSD card

Mounting options

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Key technical features of the Axis Q6318-LE


Environment: outdoor
Type: PTZ dome
Sensor: 1/2” progressive scan CMOS
Lens: focal length: 6.91 – 214.64 mm, F1.36 – F4.6 horizontal field of view: 58.5° – 2.3° vertical field of view: 34.9° – 1.4° laser focus, autofocus, P-iris zoom speed: <1 sec between any zoom value
PTZ: pan: 360° endless, 0.05°– 550°/s tilt: +20 to -90°, 0.05° – 500°/s zoom: 31x optical, 12x digital, total 372x zoom quick-zoom, nadir flip, 300 preset positions, tour recording (max 10, max duration 16 minutes each), guard tour (max 100), control queue, on-screen directional indicator, set new pan 0°, adjustable zoom speed, speed dry
Audio: no info given
Power: Axis High PoE 60 W SFP midspan 1-port: 100–240 V AC, max 1.5 A IEEE802.3bt Type 3 Class 6 Camera consumption: typical 17 W (no IR), max 51 W
Memory: 2048MB RAM, 512MB Flash


Resolution: 3840 x 2160 4K UHD
Compression: H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC), H.265 (MPEG-H Part 2/HEVC), Motion JPEG
Frame rate: up to 25/30 fps (50/60 Hz) in all resolutions
Video streaming: multiple, individually configurable streams in H.264, H.265 and Motion JPEG, Axis Zipstream technology in H.264 and H.265, controllable frame rate and bandwidth VBR/ABR/MBR H.264/H.265 video streaming indicator
Day/night: automatically removable infrared-cut filter
Minimum illumination: Colour: 0.11 lux at 30 IRE, F1.36 B/W: 0.001 lux at 30 IRE, F1.36, 0 lux with IR illumination on Colour: 0.25 lux at 50 IRE, F1.36 B/W: 0.009 lux at 50 IRE, F1.36, 0 lux with IR illumination on
IR illumination: OptimisedIR with power-efficient, long-life 850 nm IR LEDs Range of reach 200 m (656 ft) or more depending on the scene
Video overlay: text and image
Image settings: compression, colour, brightness, sharpness, white balance, exposure control, exposure zones, image freeze on PTZ, scene profiles, rotation, electronic image stabilization (EIS), defogging Contrast, local contrast, autofocus, Forensic WDR: Up to 120 dB depending on scene, 32 individual polygon privacy masks including mosaic privacy mask


Application Programming Interface: open API for software integration, including VAPIX and AXIS Camera Application Platform, One-Click Cloud Connection, ONVIF Profile G, ONVIF Profile M, ONVIF Profile S, and ONVIF Profile T
Event triggers: device status: above operating temperature, above or below operating temperature, below operating temperature, fan failure, IP address removed, network lost, new IP address, shock detected, storage failure, system ready, within operating temperature Edge storage: recording ongoing, storage disruption I/O: manual trigger, virtual input MQTT subscribe PTZ: PTZ malfunctioning, PTZ movement, PTZ preset position reached, PTZ ready Scheduled and recurring: scheduled event Video: average bitrate degradation, day-night mode, live stream open
Event action: record video: SD card and network share Upload of images or video clips: FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, network share and email Pre- and post-alarm video or image buffering for recording or upload Notification: email, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP and SNMP trap PTZ: PTZ preset, start/stop guard tour Overlay text, day/night mode WDR mode IR illumination MQTT publish
Privacy masking: yes

Video Management

On-camera recording: support for SD/SDHC/SDXC card Support for SD card encryption (AES-XTS-Plain64 256bit) Support for recording to network-attached storage (NAS)
Network video recorders: Axis NVRs, Milestone Husky NVRs, ONVIF support for 3rd party NVRs
Video Management Software: Axis Companion, Axis Camera Station, Milestone XProtect
Cloud: Morphean Cloud CCTV, CamStreamer Cloud


Network connections: Axis High PoE IEEE802.3bt Type 3 Class 6
Alarm I/O connections: no info given
Dimensions: with weather shield: ø 239 mm x 261 mm
without weather shield: ø 192 mm x 261 mm
Weight: 4800g
Casing: IP66-, IP67, NEMA 4X- and IK10-rated colour: white NCS S 1002-B repaintable metal casing (aluminium), hard-coated Polycarbonate (PC) clear dome with sharpdome technology
Operating temperatures: -5 °C to 50 °C
with IR: 44 W -50 °C to 50 °C
maximum temperature according to NEMA TS 2 (2.2.7): 74 °C
arctic temperature control: start-up as low as -40 °C
Mounting methods: ceiling, wall, pole, parapet
Installation aids: no info given
Warranty: 5-year
Power consumption: max. 51W
Protocols supported: IPv4, IPv6 USGv6, ICMPv4/ICMPv6, HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP/2, TLS, QoS Layer 3 DiffServ, FTP, SFTP, CIFS/SMB, SMTP, mDNS (Bonjour), UPnP, SNMP v1/v2c/v3 (MIB-II), DNS/DNSv6, DDNS, NTP, NTS, RTSP, RTCP, RTP, SRTP, TCP, UDP, IGMPv1/v2/v3, DHCPv4/v6, ARP, SSH, NTCIP, LLDP, CDP, MQTT v3.1.1, Syslog, Link-Local address (ZeroConf)
Security: Password protection, multi-level user, IP address filtering, HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1x (EAP-TLS), network access control, user access log, digest authentication, centralized certificate management, brute force delay protection, signed firmware, secure boot, secure keystore (CC EAL4 certified), TPM (FIPS 140-2 certified)
Approvals: EMC EN 55032 Class A, EN 55035, IEC 62236-4, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-2, FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class A, ICES-3(A)/NMB-3(A) VCCI Class A, RCM AS/NZS CISPR 32 Class A, CISPR 35, EAC, EN 50121-4, KS C 9832 Class A, KS C 9835 Safety IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 ed. 3, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 62368-1 ed. 3, IEC/EN 62471 risk group 2, IEC 60825-1 Class 1 Environment IEC/EN 62262 IK10, IEC/EN 60529 IP66, IEC/EN 60529 IP67, NEMA 250, Type 4X, NEMA TS 2 (2.2.7–2.2.9), IEC 60068-2-1, IEC 60068-2-2, IEC 60068-2-6, IEC 60068-2-14, IEC 60068-2-27, IEC 60068-2-78, ISO 21207 (Method B) Network NIST SP500-26

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