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Milestone XProtect LPR add-on application for use with Milestone XProtect - Base Licence

Milestone XProtect LPR add-on application for use with Milestone XProtect - Base Licence
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This add-on application reads licence plate character information and combines it with video footage through XProtect VMS, enhancing productivity in an array of application areas such as access control, theft prevention and border control.
  • For XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert, and Corporate
  • One base licence required to add onto an XProtect system
  • Turn any appropriately-positioned camera into an LPR camera
  • Track and regulate vehicle access across locations
  • Supports up to 200 countries, states, and regions
  • XProtect Smart Client live, playback and reporting features

Overview of the Milestone XProtect LPR Base Licence

  • Adds licence plate recognition capabilities to suitably-placed cameras in Milestone XProtect VMS
  • Suitable for XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert and Corporate
  • Device Licence required for each camera
  • Allows users to set event triggers based on specific licence plate information
  • Comes with five pre-installed country modules – further modules can be purchased separately

Designed to bring licence plate recognition capabilities to cameras in Milestone XProtect video management software, this add-on application allows users to record, store and manage licence plate information from an array of locations in one centralised system. With compatibility for XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert and Corporate and the ability to support an unlimited number of cameras (dependent on the XProtect variant), this add-on is ideal for all manner of application sizes, from small petrol stations to motorway monitoring.


This add-on is ideal for use in a variety of applications, from traffic enforcement to loss prevention. Using the XProtect Smart client, event triggers can be configured based on licence plate information collected - resulting in actions or notification alerts via Milestone’s multiple interfaces. For example, a gate can be set to open whenever specified vehicles pass the camera, or an alarm can be activated when unauthorised vehicles approach. The application is also useful in theft investigations as a stolen vehicle’s licence plate can be entered into the VMS, checked against a match list, and any video footage containing that plate will show up - providing users with an efficient and detailed collection of evidence and a comprehensive overview of that vehicle’s journey. Additionally, video footage of incidents can be shared to the screens of other personnel to coordinate security responses and aid in decision making.


XProtect LPR uses optical character recognition to identify licence plate information from up to 200 countries, states and regions. Once configured into XProtect VMS, this accurate technology will be able to capture video of vehicles across multiple lanes and record their licence plate information - using a single camera. When a network of multiple LPR cameras are set up on the system, a vehicle’s journey can be tracked around the surveillance area - capturing footage from all cameras along its route. This add-on application allows users to centralise a large number of LPR cameras and control them remotely from one location using XProtect VMS.


For the best results, Milestone recommend mounting the camera as close as possible to the area of interest and position it to look down on the vehicle, but no more than 30° above it - avoiding irrelevant moving objects such as people or trees. If too many objects are in the background of the image, it will increase the likelihood of false detection; to combat this, the viewing area should cover only the part of the image with the licence plate visible as the vehicle moves in and out. Additionally, it is important to consider aspects such as vehicle speed, weather and lighting conditions when choosing an area to set up your camera.

Please note: This product is a base licence – additional LPR device licences are required for each connected camera and a country licence is required for extra country recognition (base licence comes with 5 country licences) - all are selectable from the accessories tab. An XProtect base licence (Express+, Professional+, Expert or Corporate) and XProtect device licences for each camera will need to be purchased.

Key features & benefits

  • Milestone XProtect LPR is compatible with XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert and Corporate
  • Turns any appropriately positioned camera into an LPR camera
  • Supports an unlimited number of cameras (XProtect variant dependent) – making it a flexible application for any size installation (a separate camera licence is required for each camera)
  • Supports up to 200 countries and regions (country modules are required for each country/region)
  • Multi-lane detection can be achieved through one camera
  • Licence plate match lists allow users to quickly identify vehicles of interest
  • Event triggers can be configured to automate processes based on licence plate recognition
  • Can aid theft prevention by tracking a specified licence plate over the surveillance area

Typical applications

The XProtect LPR add-on application adds licence plate recognition capabilities within their XProtect video management software, allowing the system to collect registration data for an unlimited number of vehicles and use that data for applications such as loss prevention, criminal investigation, retail analysis or traffic enforcement. Typical applications include access gates, petrol stations or toll roads.

Documentation for Milestone LPR Base Licence